O-1 Destroyer

graphics by Doug Drexler

NOTES - circa 2288:

Known Sphere Of Operation: Assembly-wide use
Data Reliability: C
Major Data Source: Scans by Star Fleet and Vulcan vessels
     As one of the most basic and simplistic military craft from the Tholian Assembly, the O-1 destroyer has been encountered more times than any other Tholian craft. Despite its significant age, its unusual technology and basic design continues to provide the Assembly with a truly dangerous and capable war craft.
     The O-1 was first encountered in the early 2240's during initial conflicts with the Tholian's. Many Federation commanders mistook the small size of the vessel for vulnerability, and a number of Federation interests were severely damaged or lost after encountering these vessels. The reputation of Tholian punctuality was second only to their technological prowess. The O-1 could easily match Federation vessels twice its size and quickly gained a reputation. The destroyer was known for its maneuverability, and Tholian tactics reflected this. When used in small squadrons or 2 or 3 vessels, the O-1 would surround its enemies, forcing them into a global defense. This prevented most vessels from concentrating their power, and often allowed the Tholian to capture or destroy their target, or at the very least, drive them off.
     The basic O-1 design was based on the much older Tholian vessel first encountered by Vulcan and Terran over 100 years before. For some time, few knew that the O-1 was indeed a different craft, even after close scans and combat encounters. During the 2240's and 2250's the O-1's basic power plant was sufficient to allow it a successful attack posture against most enemy targets. But as opponents became more powerful, the underpowered nature of the O-1 was soon believed to be a problem.
     By the 2250's as territorial disputes continued, many feared an upgrade to the basic craft. Pirates and opportunists who entered the Assemblies territory soon found that they could escape when cornered by the small craft. Encounters near the border with Federation vessels showed that the O-1 was no longer patrolling Tholian space individually, but in squadrons of 4 ships. Federation forces continued to encounter the O-1 infrequently, and it is believed that the O-1 was replaced by the O-3 as the Tholians main patrol vessel.
     Long range scans indicate that over the years, the Tholians have fielded approximately 380 of these small combat craft. Although the more powerful O-3 seems to be the main production destroyer in the Assembly, it is possible that the O-1 is still in production. The last confirmed O-1 encountered was in 2261 as the Federation and Tholians continued to negotiate boarder territory. The vessel was part of the small fleet that meet a Federation diplomatic ship in deep space. To date, the Federation has been able to confirm the destruction of only 7 of these vessels, although pirate encounters near Tholian space may account for as many as 20 more over the years. As with other Tholians ships, no Federation personnel have ever boarded one of these ship.


Construction Data:    
     Model-    Model 1
     Class-    III
     Class Commission Date-    2241
     Number Produced-    380
Hull Data:    
     Superstructure-    8
     Damage Chart-    C
          Length-    15 m
          Width-    5 m
          Height-    5 m
          Displacement-    22,090 mt
     Total SCU-    10 SCU
     Cargo Capacity-    500 mt
Equipment Data:    
     Computer Type-    TC-3
          Standard 3-person-    1
Other Data:    
     Crew-    2
     Troops-    5
Engines and Power Data:    
     Total Power Available-    18
     Movement Point Ratio-    1/1
     Warp Engine Type-    TWB-1
          Number-    1
          Power-    14
          Stress Chart-    B/H
          Max Safe Cruising-    Warp 8
          Emergency Speed-    Warp 9
     Impulse Engine Type-    TIC-1
          Power Units-    4
Weapons and Firing Data:    
     Beam Weapon Type-    TR-3
          Number-    4
          Firing Arcs-    4 p/f/s
          Firing Chart-    L
          Maximum Power-    5
          Damage Modifiers    
               +3    (-)
               +2    (1-8)
               +1    (9-12)
     Beam Weapon Type-    TR-2
          Number-    2
          Firing Arcs-    1 f/p/a, 1 f/s/a
          Firing Chart-    J
          Maximum Power-    4
          Damage Modifiers    
               +3    (-)
               +2    (1-8)
               +1    (9-10)
     Beam Weapon Type-    TR-1
          Number-    2
          Firing Arcs-    1 f/p/a, 1 f/s/a
          Firing Chart-    E
          Maximum Power-    4
          Damage Modifiers    
               +3    (-)
               +2    (1-8)
               +1    (-)
Shield Data:    
     Shield Type-    TSA
          Shield Point Ratio-    1/1
          Maximum Shield-    10
Combat Efficiency:    
     D-    51.4
     WDF-    19.4