S-9 (Wind Carrier) Class V Scout

From the FASA Star Trek Romulan Ship Recognition Manual, 2nd Edition

Known Sphere Of Operation: Empire frontiers
Data Reliability: E (new)
Major Data Source: Transmissions monitored by Project Grey Ghost

        The S-9 Class probably was designed to replace the older S-4 (Swift Wing) as a front-line scout vessel capable of combat and exploration duties. The inadequate weaponry of its predecessor corrected by the addition of more powerful disruptors and more efficient shields, the Type 1 was a vast improvement. The Type 4 mounts two banks of two disruptors, giving the scout a better field of fire and increasing its combat efficiency beyond that of the CS-2 (Graceful Flyer), which it is believed to have also replaced. The class reportedly leads the Romulan expansion efforts spinward.
        Of the approximately 450 vessels built, about 400 are reported to remain in active service and about 20 have been placed in reserve fleets. Best estimates now give 19 Type 1s operating in the civil sector; plans for a vessel now believed to be one of these have been purchased from Orion sources in the Triangle.
        This class is named for ralas Mosarum (Wind Carrier), an ancient Romulan chieftain said to have carried the winds of Romulus with him as he traveled his territories. This leader supposedly waited to attack his enemies until storms were brewing in the area, and then would lead his armies into battle in the vanguard of the winds and rain.


Construction Data:    
     Model- Type 1 Type 4
     Class- V V
     Class Commission Date- 2268 2269
     Number Produced- 266 182
Hull Data:    
     Superstructure- 7 8
     Damage Chart- C C
          Length- 72 m 72 m
          Width- 120 m 120 m
          Height- 20 m 20 m
     Displacement- 54,268 mt 57,118 mt
          Total SCU- 60 SCU 60 SCU
          Cargo Capacity- 3,000 mt 3,000 mt
Equipment Data:    
     Computer Type- R-3m R-3m
          Standard 9-person- 1 1
          Emergency 20-person- 1 1
          Cargo- 1 1
Other Data:    
     Crew- 42 42
Engines and Power Data:    
     Total Power Available- 29 29
     Movement Point Ratio- 2/1 2/1
     Warp Engine Type- RWC-1 RWC-1
          Number- 2 2
          Power- 12 12
          Stress Chart- M/P M/P
          Max Safe Cruising- Warp 7 Warp 7
          Emergency Speed- Warp 8 Warp 8
     Impulse Engine Type- RIB-3 RIB-3
          Power Units- 5 5
Weapons and Firing Data:    
     Beam Weapon Type - RB-7a RB-7a
          Number- 2 4
          Firing Arcs- 2 f 2 f/p, 2 f/s
          Firing Chart- M M
          Maximum Power- 4 4
          Damage Modifiers    
                   +3 (1-3) (1-3)
                   +2 (4-9) (4-9)
                   +1 (10-14) (10-14)
Shield Data:    
     Shield Type- RSC RSC
     Shield Point Ratio- 1/2 1/2
     Maximum Shield- 6 6
Combat Efficiency:    
     D- 59.0 60.4
     WDF- 6.0 12.0


As printed, the S-9 is listed with a single warp engine, while visuals clearly show twin drives. The RWC-1 was used in lue of a single RWD-2 to keep the overall speed and power of the vessel. Total power is increased from the original 23 to 29. Superstructure of the Type 4 is increased. The D- factor is adjusted accordingly.

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