S-4 (Swift Wing) Class IV Scout

From the FASA Star Trek Romulan Ship Recognition Manual, 2nd Edition

Known Sphere Of Operation: Empire-wide use as civilian craft
Data Reliability: C
Major Data Source: Triangle sector intelligence

        The S-4 Class was commissioned to lead the expansion into the galactic trailing arm. To accomplish its mission, this class needed speed and maneuverability; it is reported that these sleek ships were a real joy to fly in the atmosphere due to their responsive manual controls. Its light armament was a liability, making the vessels unsuitable for combat roles and endangering crews when exploring new worlds with their own starfaring capabilities.
        Due to its inability to perform its assigned tasks, the Swift Wings were not produced in any great number and were not modified or upgraded. Of the approximately 160 vessels produced, about 100 are known to be operating in the civil sector, many within the Triangle. Project Grey Ghost found no evidence of any use in the Romulan reserve fleets.
        The class is named from the RomuIan delon vastam (swift wing), in reference to its atmospheric capabilities.


Construction Data: ?
     Model- Type 1
     Class- IV
     Class Commission Date- 2251
     Number Produced- 150
Hull Data: ?
     Superstructure- 5
     Damage Chart- B
     Size ?
          Length- 120 m
          Width- 60 m
          Height- 28 m
     Displacement- 26,858 mt
     Cargo ?
          Total SCU- 5 SCU
          Cargo Capacity- 250 mt
Equipment Data: ?
     Computer Type- R-3m
     Transporters- ?
          Standard 9-person- 1
Other Data: ?
     Crew- 28
Engines and Power Data: ?
     Total Power Available- 23
     Movement Point Ratio- 2/1
     Warp Engine Type- RWB-1
          Number- 2
          Power- 10
          Stress Chart- M/P
          Max Safe Cruising- Warp 6
          Emergency Speed- Warp 7
     Impulse Engine Type- RIB-2
          Power Units- 3
Weapons and Firing Data: ?
     Beam Weapon Type - RB-7
          Number- 2
          Firing Arcs- 1 f/p, 1 f/s
          Firing Chart- J
          Maximum Power- 4
          Damage Modifiers ?
                   +3 (-)
                   +2 (1-6)
                   +1 (7-10)
Shield Data: ?
     Shield Type- RSB
     Shield Point Ratio- 1/1
     Maximum Shield- 7
Combat Efficiency: ?
     D- 33.2
     WDF- 4.6



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