R-4 (Mularr) Class VI Scout

From the FASA Star Trek Romulan Ship Recognition Manual, 2nd Edition

Known Sphere Of Operation: Triangle and Klingon borders
Data Reliability: C (upgrade)
Major Data Source: Project Grey Ghost encounters

        Designed strictly as escort vessels and used only for convoy or fleet support, R-4s are very rarely seen alone, according to Project Grey Ghost information. Normally assigned in groups of five to seven, they are known to be sufficient in firepower to deter most enemies.
        Though several Type 1 vessels remain on active duty, most have been refitted to the Type 5, with improved weapons, more powerful engine, and more efficient shields.
Of the approximately 250 R-4s built, about 200 remain in active service and about 20 are in reserve fleets. About Stardate 2/1307, an R-4 escorting a group of three freighters was taken by a mutinous crew and disappeared with the freighters into the Triangle, where it operates currently. Intelligence reports state that the Romulan government has put a bounty on the crew members' capture and/or elimination.
        The class is named for the mularr, a large, flying reptile native to Corill. The creature's protective nature provides the vessel its name.


Construction Data:    
     Model- Type 1 Type 5
     Class- VI VI
     Class Commission Date- 2261 2267
     Number Produced- 85 170
Hull Data:    
     Superstructure- 9 10
     Damage Chart- C C
          Length- 186 m 186 m
          Width- 147 m 147 m
          Height- 38 m 38 m
     Displacement- 69,443 mt 70,343 mt
          Total SCU- 100 SCU 100 SCU
          Cargo Capacity- 5000 mt 5000 mt
Equipment Data:    
     Computer Type- R-3m R-3m
          Standard 9-person- 2 2
          Emergency 20-person- 1 1
          Cargo- 1 1
Other Data:    
     Crew- 120 122
     Passengers- 20 20
     Shuttlecraft- 2 2
Engines and Power Data:    
     Total Power Available- 26 28
     Movement Point Ratio- 3/1 3/1
     Warp Engine Type- RWF-1 RWF-2
          Number- 1 1
          Power- 16 18
          Stress Chart- F/K F/L
          Max Safe Cruising- Warp 7 Warp 7
          Emergency Speed- Warp 9 Warp 8
     Impulse Engine Type- RIE-1 RIE-1
          Power Units- 10 10
Weapons and Firing Data:    
     Beam Weapon Type - RB-3a RB-8
          Number- 4 4
          Firing Arcs- 2 f, 1 p/a, 1 s/a 2 f, 1 p/a, 1 s/a
          Firing Chart- L N
          Maximum Power- 6 6
          Damage Modifiers    
                   +3 (1-3) (1-4)
                   +2 (4-8) (5-9)
                   +1 (9-12) (10-13)
Shield Data:    
     Shield Type- RSC RSC
     Shield Point Ratio- 1/2 1/2
     Maximum Shield- 5 5
Combat Efficiency:    
     D- 44.8 48.3
     WDF- 14.8 16.4


The original superstruture on the Type 1 was rounded down, where as the construction rules state to round up. Increasing the Superstructure to 9 bring the total weight to and accurate level. The Type 2 also has an inaccurate Superstructure total and should be 10, not the printed 8. This increases the Defense Factor to 48.3. Added a cargo transporter.

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