D-11 (One Wing) Class VI-VII Destroyer

From Klingon Ship Recognition Manual, 2nd Edition, FASA
Design by Forest G. Brown
Graphics by Dana Knutson

NOTES - circa 2288:

Known sphere Of Operation: Empire-wide use
Data Reliability: B
MajorDataSource: Klingon Sector lntelligence,TriangleSector Intelligence
     The D-11 destroyer is the most unusual design in the Klingon Imperial Navy, easily recognized on visual scan because of its one wing. It was commissioned into the service on Stardate 2/0405. That the vessel never fared well in battle has been blamed on its asymmetrical design, which worked to restrict the field of fire from the weapon mounting hardpoints.
     Powered by the KWC-1 and able to travel at speeds of Warp 7, it was one of the fastest ships in known space at the time it was commissioned, as well as having satisfactory tactical maneuverability. Nevertheless, the first D-11s were unpopular with the crews for they lacked sufficient firepower to perform their duties. It is not surprising then that a weaponry modification was made in the D-11C, in which the KD-4s were replaced with KD-5s and the new KD-10 was added. Although this extended the offensive range by 80,000 km, the D-11's performance in battle was not significantly improved.
     The D-11D used the KWC-2 warp engine, increasing the warp speeds attainable. It also mounted the new photon torpedo, which gave it more destructive firepower in a limited range but did little to improve battle performance overall.
     Due to its problems and the success of other destroyer designs, the mission of the D-11 has been changed. These vessels are now used for light assault duties. Having the capacity to carry a company of marines, the D-11s are used to secure lightly-held systems. They also have been reported to be accompanying the D-9 research cruisers in their efforts to open new territories.
     Of the 354 D-11s built, 106 Cs and 41 Ds remain in active service; 68 Bs, 39 Cs and 18 Ds have been destroyed; 1 D has been captured by the Romulans; 11 Bs and 2 Cs are listed as missing; 19 Bs and 4 Cs have been scrapped; 6 Bs, 2 Cs, and 2 Ds have been sold to the Orions; and 12 As have been sold to private interests in the Triangle. The D-11 is no longer under production; it was manufactured at Taamar and H'renn.
     The class name of 'One Wing' and its nickname of "The One-Armed Bandit" derive obviously from its design, as well as from the Klingon dath d'lan. Many jokes circulate through Star Fleet concerning the design. The most long-lived of these has it that the designer was under pressure to have the design completed by a certain date. In order to satisfy his contract and spare his life, goes the story, the manufacturer completed the ship minus the starboard wing assembly.


Construction Data:            
     Model-    b    c    d
     Class-    VI    VII    VII
     Class Commission Date-    2261    2267    2269
     Number Produced-    140    153    61
Hull Data:            
     Superstructure-    14    14    15
     Damage Chart-    C    C    C
          Length-    234 m    234 m    234 m
          Width-    128 m    128 m    128 m
          Height-    34 m    34 m    45 m
          Displacement-    79,928 mt    80,478 mt    84,993 mt
     Total SCU-    120 SCU    120 SCU    120 SCU
     Cargo Capacity-    6,000 mt    6,000 mt    6,000 mt
Equipment Data:            
     Computer Type-    ZD-5    ZD-5    ZD-6
          Standard 6-person-    2    2    2
          Combat 22-person-    6    6    6
          Emergency 18-person-    2    2    2
          Cargo-    2    2    2
Other Data:            
     Crew-    218    218    225
     Troops-    220    220    220
     Shuttlecraft-    2    2    3
Engines and Power Data:            
     Total Power Available-    32    32    40
     Movement Point Ratio-    3/1    3/1    3/1
     Warp Engine Type-    KWC-1    KWC-1    KWC-2
          Number-    2    2    2
          Power-    14 ea.    14 ea.    18 ea.
          Stress Chart-    L/O    L/O    L/O
          Max Safe Cruising-    Warp 7    Warp 7    Warp 8
          Emergency Speed-    Warp 8    Warp 8    Warp 9
     Impulse Engine Type-    KIC-2    KIC-2    KIC-2
          Power Units-    4    4    4
Weapons and Firing Data:            
     Beam Weapon Type-    KD-4    KD-5    KD-9
          Number-    2    2    2
          Firing Arcs-    1 f/p, 1 s/a    1 f/p, 1 s/a    1 f/p, 1 s/a
          Firing Chart-    J    P    W
          Maximum Power-    4    4    5
          Damage Modifiers            
               +3    (-)    (-)    (1-7)
               +2    (-)    (1-10)    (8-15)
               +1    (1-10)    (11-18)    (16-20)
     Beam Weapon Type-    -    KD-10    KD-11
          Number-    -    1    1
          Firing Arcs-    -    1 f    1 f
          Firing Chart-    -    C    F
          Maximum Power-    -    3    5
          Damage Modifiers            
               +3    -    (-)    (1-4)
               +2    -    (1-6)    (5-8)
               +1    -    (1-12)    (11-18)
     Torpedo Type-    -    -    KP-1
          Number-    -    -    1
          Firing Arcs-    -    -    1 f
          Firing Chart-    -    -    F
          Power To Arm-    -    -    1
          Damage-    -    -    6
Shield Data:            
     Shield Type-    KSJ    KSJ    KSJ
          Shield Point Ratio-    2/3    2/3    2/3
          Maximum Shield-    13    13    13
Combat Efficiency:            
     D-    62    62    68.7
     WDF-    4    6.9    13.2
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Model B - D- Factor corrected.
Model C - D - Factor corrected
Model D - WDF- Factor reflects a single KP-1. To continue with the underpowered nature of this design, a single KP-1 is retained in the forward firing position. D- Factor corrected.