Tyrannis Class IX Research Cruiser

design by PT Riley

Notes - circa 2287:

     One of the most basic of designs, the Tyrannis class of research cruisers were well loved by Star Fleet and the early Science Council of the UFP. Built specifically around a large research deck, the Tyrannis class provided numerous expandable research bays dedicated to a single research project. No other vessel at the time had so much space dedicated to research in a single starship.
     The Mk I version of the Tyrannis incorporated the latest in research equipment and was designed using the new FWE-1 engine as it central power plant. This provided sufficient power for the vessel to operate in forward areas while also providing speed and maneuverability. The roomy interior allowed for extensive reinforcing of the hull. Built shortly after the end of the Four-Years war, the Tyrannis was surprisingly well armed for a vessel of it size, allowing it to also operate near hostile boarders. This gave Star Fleet a chance to follow up on scouting missions while keeping a military presence visible.
     The Mk II saw the installment of the new FH-2 coupled with the FP-1, providing the medium cruisers with increased range and more internal space. This lead to the increase of the crew compliment and allowed more labs to be installed, giving the Tyrannis a better research base, second only to the Constitution class. The Mk III saw the installment of the FWE-2 engine to increase both power and range. An upgrade to the weapons kept the vessel in the forefront of both military and exploration efforts. Unfortunately, even with it’s reinforced hull, the Tyrannis suffered from a dangerous vulnerability to it’s engineering spaces, a vulnerability born true when the USS Chandris was crippled by a single volley of disruptor fire from an Orion purchased gunboat. The Tyrannis was looted by transporter and had to be towed to a Star Base after a rescue ship arrived 16 days later. Despite this setback, the Tyrannis class continued to serve in the front lines, and was often assigned to dangerous missions.
     But the Tyrannis’ days were numbered. The Mk IV saw very little success. Out powered by many other vessels, the Mk IV proved to be the last variant of the venerable cruiser. Although extremely well armed and shielded, the under-powered nature of the vessel forced it’s withdraw from front line research. Most were converted to Mk IV within a year of it’s introduction, and shortly after were assigned to research escort missions in multi-ship projects along the coreward and spinward expansions. The Tyrannis was still a popular vessel, though and it’s lines can clearly be seen in the Covenrty and Miranda designs.
     Of the 50 ships built, 5 have been lost, 10 have been destroyed, 7 have been scrapped, 1 was captured by forces in the triangle, and 16 have been sold to various interest, including 4 Mk I’s, 4 Mk III’s and 7 Mk IV’s. One is currently a museum at the Brell Ship Museum of Andor. The Tyrannis was built at the Sol III shipyards at a rate of 6 per year.


Construction Data:                
     Model-    Mk I    Mk II    Mk III    MK IV
     Class-    IX    IX    IX    IX
     Class Commission Date-    2249    2255    2258    2264
     Number Produced-    20    8    12    10
Hull Data:                
     Superstructure-    22    22    22    22
     Damage Chart-    C    C    C    C
          Length-    245 m    245 m    245 m    245 m
          Width-    127 m    127 m    127 m    127 m
          Height-    46 m    46 m    46 m    46 m
          Displacement-    122,705 mt    120,930 mt    122,860 mt    123,825 mt
     Total SCU-    210 SCU    210 SCU    210 SCU    220 SCU
     Cargo Capacity-    10500 mt    10500 mt    10500 mt    11000 mt
Equipment Data:                
     Computer Type-    M-2    M-3    M-4    M-4
          Standard 6-person-    2    2    2    2
          Emergency 22-person-    2    2    2    2
          Cargo-    2    2    2    2
Other Data:                
     Crew-    205    275    275    275
     Passengers-    30    30    30    30
     Shuttlecraft-    8    8    11    11
Engines and Power Data:                
     Total Power Available-    22    22    32    30
     Movement Point Ratio-    3/1    3/1    3/1    3/1
     Warp Engine Type-    FWE-1    FWE-1    FWE-2    FWE-2
          Number-    2    2    2    2
          Power-    8 ea.    8 ea.    13 ea.    13 ea.
          Stress Chart-    G/K    G/K    G/K    G/K
          Max Safe Cruising-    Warp 7    Warp 7    Warp 7    Warp 7
          Emergency Speed-    Warp 9    Warp 9    Warp 9    Warp 9
     Impulse Engine Type-    FIB-3    FIB-3    FIB-3    FIE-1
          Power Units-    6    6    6    4
Weapons and Firing Data:                
     Beam Weapon Type-    FL-4    FH-2    FH-5    FH-3
          Number-    6    6    6    6
          Firing Arcs-    2 f, 2 p, 2 s    2 f/p, 2 f, 2 f/s    2 f/p, 2 f, 2 f/s    2 f/p, 2 f, 2 f/s
          Firing Chart-    G    H    R    W
          Maximum Power-    3    3    4    5
          Damage Modifiers                
               +3    (-)    (-)    (-)    (1-10)
               +2    (-)    (-)    (1-8)    (11-17)
               +1    (1-4)    (1-10)    (9-16)    (18-20)
     Torpedo Type-    FAC-1    FP-1    FP-1    FP-1
          Number-    2    2    2    2
          Firing Arcs-    2 f    2 f    2 f    2 f
          Firing Chart-    F    L    L    L
          Power To Arm-    3    1    1    1
          Damage-    8    10    10    10
Shield Data:                
     Shield Type-    FSH    FSK    FSI    FSL
          Shield Point Ratio-    1/2    1/2    1/3    1/3
          Maximum Shield-    12    15    12    15
Combat Efficiency:                
     D-    69.5    73.5    94.5    96
     WDF-    9    16.6    27.4    43.6