R-1 Harmony R&R Station

R-1 Harmony R&R Station


From R-1 Orbital Station Deckplans, FASA

Notes - circa 2330:

      The R-1 Harmony Type recreational facility provides a wide spectrum of entertainment opportunities for tourists from all over the Federation. The station's living accommodations make the Harmony a popular vacation spot and cultural exchange point. Though based on the standard R-1 design, the station has the following modifications.

Observation Deck (Level A)
This entire area has been remodeled as dining facilities with a 360-degree view of space.

Casino Level (Level 1)
The casino level offers every game of chance found in the Federation and the Orion Colonies. All gambling is subject to house rules.

Thematic Fantasy Level (Level 2)
These computer-controlled facilities can recreate the precise look and feel of different historical, modern, and fantasy periods from over three dozen Federation worlds.

Cabaret (Level 3)
Each of the cabaret's dozen large and small night clubs duplicate famous entertainment spots from somewhere in the galaxy.

Bazaar (Level4)
This entire level is devoted to the sale of rare and expensive luxury items from Federation and Orion Colony worlds. The station management imposes a small duties fee on all sales conducted here.

Food Preparation Center (Level 7)
Besides storing shuttlecraft and travel pods, this level supports a large kitchen staffed by noted culinary experts, who cook all the food on the station. There are also a few cafes and dining areas on this level.

Dining Level (Level 9)
This is the main dining area for station guests, containing both private and banquet facilities.

Wine Cellar (Level 10)
The wine cellar contains a wide variety of vintage wines, brandies, and liqueurs from Federation and nonFederation markets.

Zoological Park Level (Level 13)
Numerous land and aquatic life forms reside here in computer-replicated natural habitats.

Security and Finance Area (Level 14)
A branch of the Bank of Andor operates here, facilitating guests' financial transactions through subspace transfer of funds.

Docking and Reception Area (Level 15)
In addition to the standard docking and reception facilities found on all R-1 Type stations, this area contains zero-gravity recreation centers and bathing facilities simulating famous beach and water sport centers.


Construction Data:        
     Model-    Mk I    Mk II
     Class-    Station    Station
     Class Commission Date-    2279    2290
     Number Produced-    2    6
Hull Data:        
     Superstructure-    40    40
     Damage Chart-    Station    Station
          Length-    200 m    200 m
          Width-    200 m    200 m
          Height-    215 m    215 m
          Displacement-    775,300 mt    779,370 mt
     Total SCU-    200 SCU    300 SCU
     Cargo Capacity-    10,000 mt    15,000 mt
Equipment Data:        
     Computer Type-    L-14    M-2
          Standard 6-person-    6    6
          Cargo-    2    2
Other Data:        
     Crew-    75    95
     Passengers-    120    120
     Shuttlecraft-    14    14
Engines and Power Data:        
     Total Power Available-    114    114
     Movement Point Ratio-    10/1    10/1
     Warp Engine Type-    FMAPG-1    FMAPG-1
          Number-    1    1
          Power-    98    98
          Stress Chart-    N/A    N/A
          Max Safe Cruising-    N/A    N/A
          Emergency Speed-    N/A    N/A
     Impulse Engine Type-    FIPG-1a    FIPG-1a
          Power Units-    16    16
Shield Data:        
     Shield Type-    Nav Only    FSSA
          Shield Point Ratio-    1/1    1/2
          Maximum Shield-    1    16
Combat Efficiency:        
     D-    74.5    112.8
     WDF-    0    0