Indomitable Class XII Battleship

Original Graphic

from Stardate Magazine - Josh W. Spencer

Notes - circa 2330:

     Shortly after the USS Enterprise was involved in the V'Ger Incident of 2/1704, and her resulting acid test of new systems, Star Fleet Procurement approved plans to build a battleship class. At this time, reports were also being received from Project Dixie and Project Grey Ghost intelligence agents that the Klingons were aspiring to build a successor to the L-13 Class, and the Romulans were about to start construction on a battleship.
     The approved design, code-named Indomitable, used the new FWG-1 units, along with the FIG-2 impulse drive system (which was not installed on the Enterprise), along with the advanced M- 7 multitronic computer which had just been removed from the drawing boards and put into production. The M-7s use was a shot in the arm to Daystrom Data Concepts, since no one had yet found a use for the system. The go-ahead was given to build 10 Indomitable Class battleships, and construction began on the first four ships at the Sol III shipyards on 2/2012.
     But on 2/2106, when Shuvinaaljis announced the development of TransWarp Drive theory, Star Fleet immediately cancelled the contract for the six additional Indomitables that were to be built, and announced that the four ships already under construction would be put into mothballs upon completion. The project contractors involved were startled. Everyone asked Star Fleet why, at a time when the Klingons and Romulans were about to deploy battleships along the borders, did they have to suspend construction on ten battleships? Star Fleet offered no explanation.
     The four completed battleships were placed in mothballs on 2/2112, and the issue remained unresolved until the recently-promoted Admiral Joseph R. Holman, the leading proponent of the "Warp 10 Navy" concept, met with Admiral Randolph Morrow, Commanding Officer of Star Fleet, on 2/2202.04 aboard Spacedock. Holman discussed with Morrow the Battleship Dilemma; he also informed the Admiral that the Klingons were within six weeks of deploying a battleship capable of taking on the Enterprise Class one-on-one, and that the Romulans had already done so.
     Morrow revealed the real reason for canceling the Indomitable Class- "The Great Experiment" - to Holman, who agreed that the Excelsior Class was a welcome addition to Star Fleet, but while the TransWarp battleship was under construction and testing, the Indomitable was needed even more than ever to fill the void because, in simple terms, "The Klingons and Romulans have an enormous superiority over us when it comes to battleships. They have 2 while we still have none." In addition, Holman convinced Morrow that the Indomitables would not be obsolete at all; their capabilities would be far superior to what the Klingons and Romulans would be producing. And when the time came to refit the class with Trans Warp drive, it would be just as capable as the Excelsior.
     Following this meeting, Admiral Morrow called a press conference, with Admiral Holman in attendance. Morrow announced the reactivation of the Indomitable project, with the four completed ships to be brought out of mothballs at once and the construction of the six remaining ships begun immediately. Admiral Morrow also publicly revealed that the Klingons and Romulans were about to deploy the L-24 ("Ever-Victorious") and Z-1 ("Nova") battleships along their border areas. "This," he said, "only offers us solid proof that we need this type of ship where it (the Indomitable) is needed most. . . to deter possible Klingon and Romulan aggression." He also announced the existence of the heretofore rumored TransWarp Drive ship, the USS Excelsior, which was ready to undergo testing.
     Four ships, the USS Indomitable (NCC-2010), the USS Indefatigable (NCC-2011), the USS Dauntless (NCC-2012), and USS Incontestable (NCC-2013) were simultaneously commissioned on 2/2208.01. All four ships were immediately sent to the Klingon and Romulan border areas. Their appearance has apparently evened the balance of power for the moment despite having a smaller displacement than the L-24 or Z-1, with combat capabilities vastly superior to their Klingon and Romulan counterparts.
     The Mk II was fitted with the modified FWG-1 warp engines, the most powerful conventional Warp Drive engines in history, with Warp 8.9 standard and Warp 10 emergency speeds. The M-8 multitronic computer replaced the M-7, allowing the addition of two FP-4 photon torpedoes to the weapons complement, giving the MK II firepower comparable to the Mk I Excelsior.
     The Indomitable Class is to be produced at the Sol IV shipyards at a rate of 2 per year, and will be produced in addition to the Excelsior Class.


Construction Data:        
     Model-    Mk I    Mk II
     Class-    XII    XII
     Class Commission Date-    2286    2287
     Number Produced-    4    6
Hull Data:        
     Superstructure-    42    42
     Damage Chart-    C    C
          Length-    410 m    410 m
          Width-    170 m    170 m
          Height-    70 m    70 m
          Displacement-    182,165 mt    183,145 mt
     Total SCU-    510 SCU    510 SCU
     Cargo Capacity-    22,500 mt    22,500 mt
Equipment Data:        
     Computer Type-    M-7    M-8
          Standard 6-person-    4    4
          Combat 12-person-    1    1
          Emergency 22-person-    4    4
          Cargo-    3    3
Other Data:        
     Crew-    546    546
     Troops-    40    40
     Passengers-    20    20
     Shuttlecraft-    14    14
Engines and Power Data:        
     Total Power Available-    84    84
     Movement Point Ratio-    4/1    4/1
     Warp Engine Type-    FWG-1    FWG-1
          Number-    2    2
          Power-    26 ea.    26 ea.
          Stress Chart-    D/F    D/F
          Max Safe Cruising-    Warp 8    Warp 8
          Emergency Speed-    Warp 10    Warp 10
     Impulse Engine Type-    FIG-2    FIG-2
          Power Units-    32    32
Weapons and Firing Data:        
     Beam Weapon Type-    FH-11    FH-11
          Number-    8    8
          Firing Arcs-    2 f/p, 2 f, 2 f/s, 2 a    2 f/p, 2 f, 2 f/s, 2 a
          Firing Chart-    Y    Y
          Maximum Power-    10    10
          Damage Modifiers        
               +3    (1-10)    (1-10)
               +2    (11-17)    (11-17)
               +1    (18-24)    (18-24)
     Torpedo Type-    FP-4    FP-4
          Number-    4    6
          Firing Arcs-    2 f, 2 a    4 f, 2 a
          Firing Chart-    S    S
          Power To Arm-    1    1
          Damage-    20    20
Shield Data:        
     Shield Type-    FSP    FSP
          Shield Point Ratio-    1/4    1/4
          Maximum Shield-    16    16
Combat Efficiency:        
     D-    202.1    202.1
     WDF-    135.6    160.6