Cle Dan Class VI Repair Tender

from Ship Recognition Manual - The Federation (2nd Edition), FASA

Notes - circa 2287:

     The Cle Dan Class repair tender was designed to travel in the forward units of Star Fleet and give battlegroups a rapid repair capability. These tenders are able to repair minor damage, but, if the parts are available, they can even repair and replace warp engines. Cle Dan Class tenders frequently operate further forward than the Pearl Class mobile repair facilities, but they also are commonly found working alongside the latter. Cle Dan Class tenders come under the command of the OIC of Fleet Repairs, usually stationed in a Pearl Class facility. In extreme emergencies, however, the OIC has taken command on a Cle Dan itself, if the repair job is a critical one and his presence is needed at a remote location.
     The repair tender uses two very large retractable arms to manipulate large parts into position. These arms can be remote-controlled from within the main hull, or they can be operated from a small station located near the end of the arm. In addition to the manipulator arms, the tenders also carry four work shuttles.
     The Cle Dan Class is produced at the Sol III and Salazaar facilities at a rate of four per year. Of the 160 Cle Dans built, 136 remain in active service; 2 are used by Star Fleet Training Command; 14 have been destroyed; 1 has been captured by the Romulans; 2 are listed as missing; and 3 have been scrapped; and 2 have been sold to commercial concerns, 1 of which operates in the Triangle.


Construction Data:    
     Model-    Mk I
     Class-    VI
     Class Commission Date-    2268
     Number Produced-    160
Hull Data:    
     Superstructure-    7
     Damage Chart-    C
          Length-    100 m
          Width-    65 m
          Height-    35 m
          Displacement-    73,795 mt
     Total SCU-    130 SCU
     Cargo Capacity-    6500 mt
Equipment Data:    
     Computer Type-    M-1
          Standard 6-person-    1
          Emergency 22-person-    1
          Cargo-    2
Other Data:    
     Crew-    24
     Passengers-    10
     Shuttlecraft-    14
Engines and Power Data:    
     Total Power Available-    23
     Movement Point Ratio-    2/1
     Warp Engine Type-    FWC-2
          Number-    1
          Power-    20
          Stress Chart-    M/K
          Max Safe Cruising-    Warp 7
          Emergency Speed-    Warp 9
     Impulse Engine Type-    FIC-2
          Power Units-    3
Shield Data:    
     Shield Type-    FSB
          Shield Point Ratio-    1/2
          Maximum Shield-    6
Combat Efficiency:    
     D-    51
     WDF-    0