A LATE CHRISTMAS GIFT - As always, we're quietly working behind the scenes to get thngs published and ready to go. And this time, we have two nice little updates for you. The first is an expansion of the
Orion Starship Recgonition Manual. We've added the ships from the web site, finished a few more ship descriptions and even added a classic timeline pullout - all in a retro-style cover! The Starship Description file has also gotten a retro upgrade. So go down load your own copy and add it to your FASA library.

IT'S ALIVE! - XON LIVES!!... Well, one of the pages at least. Er - several of the pages actually. As most of you know, Xon was unable to keep his material on his original server and requested folks froun AROUND the FASA Trek community to host his extensive and wonderful material. We were lucky enough to be asked to host the "Parts List" - and extensive list of everythings FASA Trek, with graphics and descriptions. A wondeful resource for those new to FASA Trek and a great walk down memory lane for us "old hats" who remember FASA glory days. I'm happy to report that the pages are now live, and HOPEFULLY all the links and images are working. If you find a broken link, an image that doesn't load or what have you, let us know over at the Yahoo groups. Thanks Xon for all your dedication and hard work over the years - this is a GREAT resource!

Something New PLEASE! - Believe it or not, there have been a few minor updates since last year - none of which have been detailed here. Sorry about that! Real life and all... At the moment, we're trying to get new ships up there for folks to use - and this months offerings is the Talarians! Click here for a few of their ships.

This Little Piggie - Finally some new ships for everyone to enjoy. Using Atolm's old Tellarite fleet for the Starfleet Command video game, we offer you some new Tellarite ships to keep things interesting. Backstory and histories should be up in the next month or so. Just click here and take a gander at the new ideas.

Cleanup On Isle 1 - Over the years of this site, code errors and problems have snuck into the back end HTML, and in mid 2011, we decided it was time to start cleaning up all our pages. With several other projects also in the works, we decided to combine them and try and do one large post. Alas - it's ging to take months (perhaps even years) more to get it all finished, and if there is one thing that drive me nuts - it's not enough updates. So - I figured it was time to go ahead and post some new material.

First off is the cleaned up pages. Nearly all of the ships from the 2240-2268 era have had their pages streamlined - and a number of them have had Master Control Panels added! In addition - back stories have been added to the Apache, Apari, Caen, Crosby, Defender, Edwards, Hartford, Hyperion III and Tokyo classes. Back story has also been added to Admirable, Admiral Greer and Ajax class. The Klingons have also had a few updates. New versions of the D-20 and L-20 have been posted, correcting a few minor errors. New graphics for the D-21 are also posted. Three seperate pages for the D-7 have been psoted. One is the original FASA stats corrected, one is the Star Fleet Battles/ Starfleet Command versions, and one is the STSTCS versions. The clean up continues - and I hope to post more updates in a few months. Feel free to check back on a regular basis!

More...bad guys?- That seems to be an interesting question concerning the good old IKS - Imperial Klingon States. On the one hand, they ARE Klingons - and they raid and battle like any good Klingon would. On the other hand - they have to "play nice" so as not to get too beat up by their big neighbors. To say nothing of their older brother who would just LOVE to take them out of the picture. How ever you play the IKS in your campaign, we've added a few more ships to help flesh out this little empire. Presented for your scenario pleasure - the D-10d IKSV Stolen Vengeance, the D-7c Vengeful Fist and D-7m Revenge, and lastly the D-18c Brother's Truth. Stay tuned for a couple of more IKS beauties that will help you flesh out our very own scenario pack - Battlehawks.
"IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME...GETTING FROM.." - Or at least it feels that way? But none the less, we present for your approval the Federation Starship Construction Manual - 3rd Edition. This lengthy pdf is our nearly-finish set of tables and data for constructing Federation ships. It includes our final edits and tweaks to the (Federation portion of the) construction manual. We hope this year to bring you individual manuals for all the races and eventually a single massive manual of combined work. We hope you enjoy.
WAIT...IS THAT A...- A new ship, you ask? Why YES! Believe it or not, we still try and post a new ship every now and then. We present for you the D-27 K'Maq - Bringer of Proclamation. We traced over Atolm's Klingon light cruiser and came up with this little gem. If you'd like to see a nice model of it, just over to cireskul Photobucket page. Hopefuly were worthy of Atolm's graphic ability. Enjoy!
THE NCC LIST- Even as the Master Equipment List nears completion, other lists and background info are also being updated. The most recent was the Master NCC list. This list started with just the known FASA ships and the Jackill's vessels, but over the years has increased substantially. It now includes a large number of sources and is still growing. Originally, we planned to try and balance all the names and numbers into on cohesive list – but quickly realized why no one else had done it! None the less, be present it with the understanding that the list will continue to grow. Enjoy!
NEW YEAR - NEW POST - Thanks to everyone who helped us complete version 1.1 of the Orion Starship Recgonition Manual. There's a lot of work in there, and a lot more to go. Version 2.0 will be coming down the pike in the next few months as we add in even MORE ships and designs. We'd hoped to have quite a bit more in there for this public release, but as with many Trek sites - real life just got in the way. None the less, we hope you enjoy our first major project of 2010!
ONE STEP AT A TIME- We've been working slowly but surely to try and get new stuff up when ever real life allows. And this time - it's the Orions. New equipment and charts are now included in the working file of the Master Construction List excel sheet found on the Construction page.
SOMETHING UNIQUE- I was surfing at Sub's BBS when I stumbled on the I.S.S. Frankenstein, a Mongrel ship by DRock. It was a neat idea that JAFisher44 then kit bashed a ship together from the idea. For some reason it really caught my eye. I then through that a modified version would be perfect for a nice home-grown IKS ship. So, without further delay - the IKS Mattarra.
STILL ALIVE!- A Well, it's definately been WAY too long since our last update. WAY too long. This one is a minor one, but hopefully there will be some pretty nifty stuff soon. But in the mean time, here is a slightly revamped Battlehawks file for you to enjoy. It's still got the retro feel, and even has some nice images taken from various 80's FASA modules.
AN ENTERPRISE (Or two-or three...)- A quick look at the Federation Fleet Page will show you that we now have more than one version of the Enterprise class heavy cruiser. The first listed version is the classic FASA versions. The link jumps you over to Brad T.'s Enterprise page. This is the original data and text from the 2nd Edition of the Federation Starship Recgonition Manual. Our second offering is something new. Created by our own Bill C. and incorporating some new concepts in firing arc design, this version show corrected computer power needed and is also heavier. Our final version is a traditional update to the original FASA with on-screen weapons included. Also heavier than the original, this version still uses traditional equipment. Try each version and see which flavor fits you best!
MORE FAN SUBMISSION- A quick re-draw and first attempt at Calvinboygenius' Durance class. A really nifty departure from the usual Federation design.
FAN SUBMISSION- An honest to goodness fan submission - like the Ireland! The Kane class by Alan Richey. A great little ship that fits right in with the FASA universe.
BRENTON - TAKE 2 - Wanted to work on more graphics to help clear the head. So I decided to take on the Brenton class Heavy Cruiser. Don't think it came out nearly as well as I was hoping. I have a link to Brad's version for those of you who are interested. Meanwhile, take a few moment to comment on the Yahoo group if you like (or dislike) the new graphic.
IRELAND CLASS - TAKE 2 - With continued work from Rezaral we've updated the Ireland class to a closer design to what was desierd. With the use of dueal computer cores, the Ireland is back to it's former glory. Take a moment to review the Ireland Class.
AN UPDATE? HONEST AND TRUE? - Yes - really! Just a little one, I'm afraid - but an update none the less. In conjunction with D. Guthrie Scott , a recent new member of the Yahoo group, we present the Ireland Class. Mr. Scott, a model maker extrodinare, was gracious enough to allow us first crack at his amazing model. The design remain a work-in-progress stats wise, but the finied model can be seen at his web site. Hopefully we'll have a finalized version soon!
Although there have been a few minor tweaks here and there – we haven’t posted anything TRULY new in quite a while. Fortunately, there are wonderful talented individuals who have ideas and capabilities to create new material that is perfect for use, as well as the community at large. Once such graphic artist is Calvinboygenius. A regular on Sub-Odeons Bulletin Board, Calvin has contributed wonderful graphic that we’ve adopted for the Royal Sovereign and Wellington classes, we’re also treated to the new Gul Vystal class. With a back story and initial design by Mateo, we’ll hopefully see MORE from this dynamic duo to help expand the FASA Trek universe.
The grand update is finally finished - well, almost. From this point on, there will be a lot of clean up and adding to secondary data, as well as puting in a few ships that we missed along the way. In the mean time, though, the site has had a quick but much needed clean up. The Links section has been cleaned up a bit. Sadly, nothing new (yet!) but did take out some old links. One update, thoguh - the Exclsior class in now verion 3.0. The Mk VI, VII and VIII have been significantly revamped and updated, hopefully for the better.
The grand update is nearly complete. With three more days worth of uploading and linking, the Federation fleet is now massive - and there is STILL more to go. Jump over to the Federation Fleet Page and start scrolling down. WAY DOWN!
The grand update continues, as more Federation ships are posted. Now into the "J's", we continue efforts to post as many Federation ships as posible before the end of the holiday season. For an added treat, we present an update to the Orions pirate ships previously posted. Check out the Fleets page to view the updates.
Well, the next set of Federation ships is now updated. Jump over to the Federation Fleet Page and start scrolling down.
Upon request, we dug up some of the old House Rules PDF's we had in storage. Great stuff that can be found on the Publications page.
Breaks OVER! Another 30 Federation ship updated. Still over 200 to go. But we're getting there!
Taking a short break from the remaining 300 Federation ship to be posted so that we can start updating a few minor files. Two that we just put up (again) are Master Equipment List and the Chronology.
"It's about time!"
The much anticipated and often hinted at update to the Federation Fleet has finally being. Over 500 ships will be posted of the next few weeks and months.

Slowly but surely we quietly update the various files, ad in new ship and try to get even more material out there to YOU! The player in the field. So what's on tap this time? A minor update to the "Extra Info Calculator" - the expanded and detailed file that helps flesh out just how many shuttle craft a ship may have; or how many SCU it might need. This update give a detailed account of all the "required" crew totals for each class, from I to XX! Geared toward FASA and the RPG side.
And it only took two months! Well - it's only a little update, really. We present three new lists for purely entertainment purposes. The Master NCC list, the Klingon ship list and the Romulan ship list. An exercise in research and naming conventions, all three lists draw from wide ranges of input to try and flesh out some fascinating info for the number crunchers and list-geeks in all of us. Check out the Publications section if you like that kind of info.
I pick a rather sad day for us American to post an update, but an update there is - and so I make note of it. With so little personal time to devote to all things Trek, I was able to finish some quick formatting on the new House Rules page, available through the Publications section. Nothing too fancy, and in fact there is still about a half dozen other rules I haven't had a chance to add yet. These house rules are pretty much unedited; direct from the source where ever possible. Hope you all enjoy!
Well, nearly 17 days late...but still better than never. Finally got the contest entries up on the web site. These include the A-1 and A-2 Romulan spy ships, the T-12 Bravewind Romulan destroyer, the quite dangerous Klingon L-54 Demon Slayer battleship, and the nifty MD-10 Gorn Battlecruiser. These wonderful and creative designs along with their great artwork are all from you the player! Thanks to everyone who not only entered, but who gave great ideas and design concepts that allowed us to add even MORE ship to the growing FASA universe!
WOW! Well, with just ONE DAY LEFT in the voting (VOTE!!! GO VOTE!!) I wanted to get a little something posted, just for kicks! And that something is - THE KINSHAYA CRUISER! Yup, our very own take on that spooky and dangerous race that has kept the Klingons from all out war with everyone under the sun! There's a destroyer and frigate on the way too - but first we'll be doing HTML pages for the contest entries - and an awsome new PDF page for the winner! BUT WE NEED YOUR VOTES! So please take a quick moment to vote if you haven't already!
Or perhaps you're working on a new Romulan destroyer? With new contest ships and a wide range of other future vessels being published soon, we figured it was time to try and get everyone on the same page. So! We proudly present the Master Designation File - a soon-to-be rather lengthy list of all the known ship classes and future publications we currently have. Included are notes to help everyone understand the decisions on naming convention, designation choices and sources.
While working on a faster way to publish our HTML ships, we've ripped through 18 new Klingon ships - some TMP and some TNG. Most are designs based on SFB/SFC ships build for the various SFC games, and the graphics can easily be seen as model grabs from those games. (Sadly, not very GOOD model grabs...but what can ya say!) This also introduces a faster - but less printer friendly - SDS HTML page. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the new pages.
On a side note, the Star Trek community is rapidly running out of designations for new ships! SO! Stay tuned for an HTML version of the Designation File. Your ship might just show up!
Our illustrious leader does it again! The Harakawa class comes roaring in with new equipment and more of the awesome new Master Control Panels!
Thanks to some hard work by our illustrious leader, we present the classic Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser in our new format. As with the Mogami class, the classic Constitution comes with its own improved Master Control Panels! Download and enjoy.
With the continuation of the massive Master NCC List project still underway, we decided to try and get as many of the "official" Paramount TNG ships posted to help folks analyses our current TNG material and make suggestions. But alas, the best laid plans... Still! We did manage to get 6 new ships up there, including the Andromeda, the TNG version of the Apollo - not to be confused with PT Riley & Jim Stevenson's Apollo, the Bradbury class, the Challenger class, the Cheyenne and the Chimera. Most of these designs are confirmed by either Ex Astra Scientia or by Memory Alpha, as well as other sources on the web. There is some question as to the engine choice for the Bradbury graphic, but at this time, this seems to be the most accurate. Memory Alpha does note that many of the ship types from Decipher and Last Unicorn Games are used here with the understanding that they were the last to have an official license from Paramount. Check the E-Group for an email concerning this usage.
We had an "on-group" request to do the K'Mirra class and put its publication to the front of the line! Fortunately, we had already hashed through a good portion of the design to change the "Federation" equipment to more traditional Klingon equipment.
ALSO! Take a gander at the boss' new chariot! A wonderful design from our founder, Bill Colley - the Mogami class cruiser. We suggest you take a look at the PDF,with its printable Master Control Panels. A Bill exclusive - and true work of art!11/09/2006
We had several "off-group" email suggestions on the Galor class of cruiser that was recently posted - and some improvements to the Cardassian TNG material on the web. After a few hours of double checking, we found that there were indeed some changes that could be made - improvements to be had and an update to be posted. SO! Without further adieu, please feel free to review the updated and trimmed Galor class of combat cruiser! And remember everyone - it's YOU who help us to create great work! Keep those suggestions coming. (Note - an update to the Cardassian equipment file will be forthcoming within a few weeks!)
Wow - two in less than a week - Do enjoy! We proudly present another Klingon design, the D-19 Light Cruiser. This logical adaptation by Eric "Soundwave" of the comical but interesting D-11 provides an excellent simple but effective cruiser design.
With a slight "yea-ha" we post the new Klingon K-29 Hand of Fek'lar class escort - an enlarged and updated K-27 with twin engines and (hopefully) better weapon coverage. An E and an F TNG versions ARE planned.
Again a minor update of just the R-1 stations on the Federation Fleet page, but we hope to have the S-1 Ournal (Spacedock), the Kepler array and other on-screen stations and outposts done soon. Look for some Klingon and Romulan stations as well - with a nice big Gorn station down the road!!
With most of our short-term projects now complete or in review, we're still trying to put out work when we can. With several requests, we posted our versions of the D'Deridex Romulan Heavy Cruiser and the Galor Battlecruiser. Both ships are designed to compete with the Galaxy we created. In initial tests, they all seem to balance - but we'd LOVE to know how they work for you! Feel free to try them and let us know at the E-Group.
As most of you have noticed, the updates have slowed as of late. But don't worry - there is still PLENTY of new stuff in the pipeline - and we haven't disappeared yet.
A PDF version of our chronology is now posted in the Publications section.
Thanks to requests, we've started posting some of our older ships from previous incarnations of this web site. We've managed to update and post several Federation vessels including the Apollo Class, Ashanti, Bearclaw, Midway and Richthofen as well. Now available in the classic style sheet format. Also added and improved some back story to the Klingon D-30 and D-31 classes.
New "Planetary" counters are now available - including Terrestrials, Moons, Asteroids and even Event Horizon Markers for worm holes! Also added the Damage Charts from the main rule book.
Thanks to Devlynd for typing in the original charts. We took his material and re-formatted it into a single page for printing. NOTE: Because we have added so many new "Plasma" torpedo weapons, we have separated that list out.
FIRST VENGEANCE FLEET SHIPS NOW UP: The first of several Romulan ships captured from the Klingons. The T-16 (D-16) and V-59 (L-9) conversions. More to come.9/15/2006
JACKILL'S FIRST WAVE NOW UP: The first of several mass posts for the Jackill's vessels is now on-line. Please check the Federation Fleets page.9/10/2006
FLEET CONTINUES TO EXPAND: We continue to expand the Federation Fleet with the addition of the Endeavour from SOTSF and Pharris, Ranger light cruiser - not to be confused with the Ranger scout, Sharien, Starstalker and Thruxton. Also added was an update to the L-24. Fans of Brad R. Torgersen will note the extreme similarity to his L-24 variants.9/1/2006
FIRST UPDATE OF THE DAY: We'll probably be doing several updates today and tomorrow, so check back here over the next few days. After a few requests - we've posted the Boarding Parties rule supplement on the Publications section of the site. It is currently under the "house" rules, as there are plans in the works to create a significantly better "official" version over the coming months. 9/1/2006
SITE OFFICIALLY OPENS!!: Today's the day. At 12:01 the official e-mail was sent and the site was opened to the public. From this point forward, all our updates, revisions and new entries will be listed here. Anyone who has questions or comments should be sure to make them on the FASA E-Group. And just to let everyone know - one of your moderators will be out of town the week of the 3rd through the 10th. (Yea - we know - open a new web site - go on a cruise ...doesn't make sense!!) Hopefully you'll find enough new material in the Fleets or Construction sections to keep you busy for the week. ALSO NOTE: We do have a LOT more content coming soon - but if you have a particular ship you'd like to see, or a form you want us to rush and finish, please let us know on the E-Group. It will help us prioritize everything. Remember also - YOUR SUBMISSIONS HELP THIS SITE! If you have ships, essays, rules, or any other material you want to contribute - please post it to the E-Group or contact one of the moderators directly. 8/28/2006
SITE TWEAKS CONTINUE: We're still finishing up some material and putting the final touches on the site. Last minute changes and all. BUT! Looks like we'll have material in every section - and hopefully lots of it!!! 8/8/2006
SITE TWEAKS BEGUN: After getting the initial idea for the web site up - new site "tweaks" are now underway. Hopefully, these minor adjustments will make the site more user friendly and useful as a repository of information. Beginning to "finish" a wide range of publications to post on the site and prepare for official launch.8/5/2006
STAR BLAZER MATERIAL BEGUN: With our glorious leader in town for only a few days - we've been able to start the new Star Blazers portion of the web site.

Captain's Log....all right - enough of that. Purchase of web domain space, emails and other material to begin work on the new and (hopefully improved) Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator site. Lots of work to be done before the official 9/1/2006 launch date.