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 fasastcat.jpg (42100 bytes)
Source: Miniature Promotion: Perhaps from the Spring 1986 Catalog?

fasaadsttng7.jpg (97979 bytes)
Source: ?FASA Catalog 1985?

fasaminships1987cat.jpg (25106 bytes)
Source: Spring 1987 Catalog

Source: 1988 ?Catalog?


rafmfasastarships.jpg (15335 bytes)


Enhance the excitement of your Star Trek campaign with these highly detailed 1/3900-scale starships from FASA. STAR TREK : The Role - Playing Game space battles come to life. Take command of a Federation Starship, a Klingon Battle-Cruiser, a Romulan Bird of Prey, or any other ship models and do battle with your enemies and give your games that added dimension of realism. All ship models are designed for use with the Starship Combat Hex Grid. (blurb from a combination of a few back panel Starship packages)

Starship Miniatures ( 1/3900 Scale )
The first 22 Brass Master Miniatures Sculpted by Ab Mobasher
Produced in 1983, 1984,1985 by Ral Partha(FASA)
Produced in 1986 by Citadel Miniatures (GW: Games Workshop) for the U.K.
Produced in 1988 RAFM (of Canada) Produced them for the FASA Corporation.
Produced in 1988, 1991 Rawcliffe using the same mold bought from the FASA Corporation made pewter miniatures.
Produced in the mid to late 1990's Various manufactures made Resin versions of FASA ships, its unclear if they used the FASA molds or used the ships themselves to make new molds.

FASA received H. G. Wells Science Fiction Award for these miniatures.

"Winner of H. G. Wells Award.(Vehicle 1985) Scale;1/3950. 22 Brass masters sculptured by Ab Mobasher in early 80's. Licensed and manufactured by Fasa Corp. of Chicago under licensing agreement with Paramount Picture. Fasa no longer manufactures these miniatures." -Ab

In 1984(Origins 1985) FASA Star Trek Starships won Best Vehicular Miniatures Series of 1984.

In 1985(Origins 1986) FASA 1/3900 Starship Miniatures won Best Vehicular/Accessory Series of 1985. Presented to Ab Mobasher

In 1987(Origins 1988) FASA Star Trek Miniatures won Best Vehicular or Accessory Series of 1987. Presented to Randy Hoffa, and Steve Apolloni.

"I understand that there is about 4% shrinkage after each casting. Wish I knew that before making the miniatures because many of the thin sections had difficulty flowing in the spin casting molds. In that process, they make a set of second generation originals and from that, they make casting, therefore more shrinkage." -Ab

To figure out how long a 1/3900 scale ship is in inches, take the stated meter dimensions and move the decimal two places to the left. So a 685 meter long Enterprise-E is 6.85 inches long. That puts a Romulan Warbird out there at approximately 13.5 inches long.

Made of Lead. "They usually use Tin-Lead alloy in the ratio of 40%-60% for best flow rate and details." -Ab
Not painted or Assembled.
Included is a painting guide.(some)
These models require assembly with a fast drying cement or super-glue.

  • 2501 USS Enterprise (Refit, TMP)
  • 2502 USS Reliant Cruiser (STII)
  • 2503 Klingon D-7 Battlecruiser (D-7M, TMP Version?)/ Romulan Stormbird
  • 2504 Romulan Bird of Prey Cruiser (TOS)
  • 2505 USS Enterprise (TOS)
  • 2506 Regula 1 Space Laboratory / Defence Outpost (STII)
  • 2507 USS Larson Destroyer
  • 2508 Klingon D-10 Cruiser
  • 2509 Klingon D-18 Destroyer
  • 2510 Klingon K-23 Escort
  • 2511 Gorn MA-12 Cruiser
  • 2512 Orion Lightning Blockade Runner
  • 2513 Klingon L-9 Frigate
  • 2514 USS Loknar Frigate
  • 2515 Romulan Winged Defender Cruiser (V-31)
  • 2516 USS Chandley Frigate
  • 2517 USS Excelsior Battleship (STIII) 5 inchs long
  • 2518 Klingon L-42 Bird of Prey
  • 2519 USS Grissom (Research Vessel, STIII)
  • 2520 Deep Space Freighter
  • 2521 Romulan Graceful Flyer
  • 2522 Orion Wanderer Blockade Runner
  • 2523 Kobayashi Maru Freighter
  • 2524 Romulan Gallant Wing Cruiser
  • 2525 Gorn BH-2 Battleship
  • 2526 USS Baker Destroyer
  • 2527 Romulan Z-1 Nova Battleship
  • 2528 Romulan Bright One Destroyer
  • 2529 Klingon L-24 Battleship
  • 2530 Klingon D-2 Missile Destroyer
  • 2531 Romulan Whitewind Cruiser
  • 2532 USS Northampton
  • 2533 USS Remora
  • 2534 USS Andor 
  • 2599 Starship Stands (4) Blue(Federation), Red(Klingon), Purple(Romulan), Green(Gorn), or Smoke

Other Miniature Notes:

  • Gamescience in 1975 made plastic starship miniatures for the game SFB at 1/3788 scale.
  • Task Force Games made lead miniatures (Starline 2200 series) from the Gamescience mold for the game SFB at 1/3788 scale.

Game Rule Notes:
When using these mold injected starships on the actual map hex field it makes it difficult to actually allow the ships to position themselves in close proximity to each other and automatically limits some of the rules of play. The 1/3900 Scale starships are just to big physically to fit into one hex and players tend to omit the option to maneuver closer to a ship. A way around this is to use the cardboard counters when the option to "close in" is used.
Personally I think cardboard counters, flat or 3D essentially allows better play simply because the hex's on the map are too small for the miniatures, and If the hex's where large enough to accommodate the metal miniatures then the map would be to big for convenient use. Except for major events when groups have large convention space to play, a huge map would be feasible.


From Stardate Magazine #3
Star Fleet Command, I have recently purchased another of your fine starship models the USS Excelsior and find that it does not fit on the stand properly. The mounting hole in the ship is larger than the small post of the stand. When I place the ship on the stand it tips and tilts. What can I do to correct this?
FASA's Answer; On this model and several others we have enlarged the hole to correct an earlier problem of the small post on the stand breaking off. To make your Excelsior fit better, carefully snap off the small post of the stand by pressing it against a hard surface until it breaks off or by cutting it with a hobby knife. The hobby knife is the better method. I would also recommend that you super-glue the stand into the ship permanently. This will prevent the opening in the ship from enlarging with use and therefore making the fit loose.

The following is a list of the official hull colors by race.

Federation: Off-white or a very light blue-gray (Equine Gray)
Klingon : Silver-grey or light steel
Romulan: Platinum or light gray-gold
Gorn: Light metallic green
Orion: Take your pick. Any colors will be correct.

All of these colors are available from the fine lines of paints by "The Armory" or "Genesis Gaming Products". A painting guide will be forthcoming in a future issue of STARDATE. (This article was never made, but some miniatures eventually did come with a painting guide, usually on the back panel of the packaging)

Here's some pictures of various packaging FASA used for there Miniatures:



1984 | 1988



Citadel FASA Starships

STAR TREK Miniatures where produced in the U.K. under license from the FASA Corporation (C) The FASA CORP.
Note; These miniatures contain more tin than previously made FASA ST Miniatures. Shiner, Better Quality and Stronger.
Made with the same master molds.

  • STO1     New USS Enterprise
  • STO2     U.S.S. Reliant Cruiser
  • STO3     Klingon D-7 (Battlecruiser)
  • STO4     Romulan K-22 (Bird of Prey) Scout
  • ST04     Romulan Bird Of Prey x2
  • STO5     Old Enterprise
  • STO9     Klingon D18 (Destroyer)
  • ST15     Romulan Winged Defender (Cruiser)
  • ST16     USS Chandley (Frigate)
  • ST17     U.S.S. Excelsior (Battleship STIII)
  • ST18     Klingon L42 Bird Of Prey (STIII)
  • ST19     USS Grimsom (Research Vessal, STII)
  • ST20     Space Freighter
  • ST21     Romulan Scout (2)
  • ST21     Romulan Graceful Flyer x2
  • ST22     Orion Smuggler x2

Notes: Citadel was more generous when releasing there ships; Some of these Citadel Blisters include 2 Two Ships per package and Clear White plastic movement stands.

Here's some pictures of packaging Citadel used for there Miniatures:

citadelstshipex1.jpg (20193 bytes) citadelstshipex2.jpg (19223 bytes)


Rawcliffe FASA Starships

rawcliffe.gif (1913 bytes)

Made of one solid piece of pewter, including hex stand. Not Ideal for game play, they bend real easy.
These pewter miniatures Rawcliffe made were considered poor castings of the RAFM miniatures for FASA's Starship Tactical Combat Simulator.

SS 2501 Enterprise N
SS 2502 Reliant
SS 2503 Klingon D-7
SS 2505 Enterprise O
SS 2506 Regula I Space Lab (3")
SS 2508 Klingon D-10
SS 2510 Klingon K-23
SS 2513 Klingon L-9
SS 2516 Chandley
SS 2517 Excelsior
SS 2518 Klingon L-42
SS 2519 Grissom
SS 2529 Klingon L-24


All the Rawcliffe and FASA Ships (I'm not sure why there bronze in color though)


FASA 25mm Figures
Single Figure Packs (1/4" Base)


Voyage to strange, new worlds. Venture to ancient alien civilizations. Boldly face the challenges of the unknown. All this, and more, is now possible. STAR TREK: The Role-Playing Game is game experience of the future ... about the future, it is a sophisticated game of strategy and interaction, whose only limits are those of your own imagination. Assume the identity of James T. Kirk, Science Officer Spock, or other members of the STAR TREK saga, and lead your character through one adventure after another. Face new challenges, unknown dangers and life-and-death situations which will require every ounce of your cunning and intellect.


(blurb from the back of a STII 25mm Miniature package)

  • 2601 STII Captian Kirk (w/phaser)
  • 2602 STII Mr. Spock (w/tricorder)
  • 2603 STII Dr. McCoy
  • 2604 STII Lt. Saavik 
  • 2605 STII Scotty 
  • 2606 STII Uhura 
  • 2607 STII Sulu
  • 2608 STII Chekov 
  • 2609 STII Khan (normal)
  • 2610 STII David Marcus 
  • 2611 STII Joachim 
  • 2612 STII Dr. Carol Marcus 
  • 2613 STII Captain Terrell 
  • 2614 STII Khan (dessert gear)
  • 2615 Klingon Officer with Agonizer
  • 2616 Klingon with Disruptor Rifle
  • 2617 Klingon with Disruptor Pistol

Here's some pictures of various packaging FASA used for there Miniatures (1983):

fasa25mmblisters.jpg (19781 bytes)

fasa25mmex1.jpg (15000 bytes)
fasa25mmklingons.jpg (14241 bytes)

Citadel 25mm Figures

  • ST1     Captain Kirk
  • ST2     Mr. Spock
  • ST3     Dr. "Bones" McCoy
  • ST4     Scotty & Chekov
  • ST5     Sulu & Willard Decker
  • ST6     Uhura & Christine Chapel
  • ST7     Ilia & Janice Rand
  • ST8     Enterprise Crew
  • ST9     Security Guards
  • ST10     Vulcans
  • ST11     Deltans
  • ST12     Klingons
  • ST13     Aaamazzarites
  • ST14     Kazarites
  • ST15     Betalgeusians
  • ST16     Arcturians
  • ST17     Zaranites
  • ST18     K'normians
  • ST19     Rigellians
  • ST20     Rhaandrites
  • ST21     Shamin Priests
  • ST22     Megarites
  • ST23     Saurians
  • ST24     Andoreans



These sets have been made with a tin/lead alloy. The figures are 25mm scale.

  • 3001 Enterprise and Crew  1983 ISBN: 0-425-06944-3
    CONTAINS: USS Enterprise, Admiral Kirk, First Officer Spock, Dr. Leonard McCoy, Chief Engineer Scott, Commander Chekov, Mister Sulu, Comm Officer Uhura, Lt. Saavik. Includes a Painting Guide.

    fasa3001-inside.jpg (12403 bytes)


  • 3002 Reliant and Khan's Crew  1983 ISBN: 0-425-06945-1
    CONTAINS: The USS Reliant (NCC-1864) 1/3900 scale, Khan Noonian Singh (Ceti Alpha V gear), Joachim (Ceti Alpha V gear), Khan Noonian Singh (normal), Joachim (normal), 2 female followers, 2 male followers and PAINTING GUIDE.


  • 3003 Space Laboratory Regula One and Staff  1983 ISBN: 0-425-06946-X
    CONTAINS: Regula 1 Space Laboratory(The back of the box says it is at 1/2900 scale. The side of the box says it is at 1/3900 scale), Dr Carol Marcus, Dr. David Marcus, Jedda, Two other Project Genesis scientists, Computer console, Genesis control, PAINTING GUIDE.


  • 3004 Klingon D-7 and Crew  1983 ISBN: 0-425-06947-8
    CONTAINS: Klingon Battle Cruiser D-7(approx. 2 in. long 1/3900 scale ), Captain, First Officer, 6 Crewman.


Books, Manuals, etc related to FASA STAR TREK

This material either totally incorporates and follows FASA Star Trek using the RPG or is material that was suggested or mentioned by the FASA ST Designers for background info or reference.

  • Mr. Scott's Guide To The Enterprise (1984, 1987 Revised) -Paramount License-
    Shane Johnson

    A tech manual for the TMP-STIII movie-era Enterprise. It contains detailed diagrams, and a thorough discussion of ship's systems. There are many photographs of the ship from the films, and many movie  pre-production sketches portrayed as prototype drawings by the ship contractors in the Trek world.

    Ties in fairly heavily with FASA's Star Trek RPG, using the same calendar (TOS in the 2190s and the films in the 2210s) and the names of companies supplying parts (such as warp nacelles).

    The book was written before/during STIV, and takes some early official concepts in a different direction than was later changed or established by "canon". An example would be mounting TransWarp Engines on the Enterprise-A. Something fans where expecting for the next movie but didn't happen....

    Trekplace - Shane Johnson Interview


  • The Final Reflection (1984) -Paramount License-
    John M. Ford

    This book actually was written at the same time of FASA's Sourcebook and information was shared between the two.

    (some of the background material given in the player's book is presented as excerpts from An Informal Guide to the Klingon Empire, by J. Ford and E. Tagore. This fictional book was published during the time of the Enterprise's five year mission, and was based on the findings of the 'Committe on the Klingon Estimate, a UFP study group. These excerpts are set off from the rest of the text)

    "The Final Reflection" and FASA introduced a Klingon naming convention based on service. Klingons were given different names when they were born but when they began their true service to the Empire, they changed their names. Those in the navy began with the K (Krenn, Kelly), those in the marines began with an M (Merzhan, Maltz) and those in administrative and support positions, scientists and the like, began with an A.

    The Klingon Genetic Fusion Theory is in FASA's authorized RPG material and in a number of STAR TREK novels, including the definitive Klingon work, "The Final Reflection" by John M. Ford.

    Paramount was pleased enough with Ford's "The Final Reflection" prior to distribution of the book, and had ask to have his unpublished notes submitted to Paramount so that future authors could work from them. Fantasimulations Associates also used these in the creation of this RPG supplement. Paramount accepted "The Final Reflection" as canon (something done with very, very few other novels) and encouraged FASA in there decision to base there view of the Klingon Empire on it as well as the series episodes. It was based solidly on accepted canon and Paramount's plans AT THAT TIME. (prior to TNG when Klingons and everything about there story from the beginning changed drastically)

    Among some of the material used in STIII are the manuscript by John M. Ford, The Final Reflection  and FASA's The Klingons Supplement.


  • Star Trek Concordance (1976, 1995 Revised)
    Bjo Trimble

    This book was used by FASA during the making of the RPG.

    The A-To-Z Guide to the Classic Original Television Series and Films

    More than 400 illustrations and covering all 79 episodes of the original series, the animated series and all six movies. A Lexicon, Star Trek vessels with their parts and sections, Astronomical References, an Actor cross-reference.


  • Spaceflight Chronology (1979)
    Stan and Fred Goldstein (illustrated by Rick Sternbach)

  • more?

Product Printing/Release Order

The idea of this particular list is to help sort out the relevance of RPG info in the books and to find revisions, since FASA indicated the latter printings and material are the correct information when certain areas of the RPG are redone, such as history, world information, corrected rules etc...

This list currently is inaccurate, Although it provides the overall order it does not provide order within each year. Any Help with this list would be much appreciated - Its difficult to align these correctly.

XXXXXXXXXXXX Jan/Feb 1983 :: 2001 Star Trek The Role Playing Game (First Edition)
0-425066-73-8 Mar 7 1983 :: 2101 U.S.S. Enterprise Deck Plans
0-931787-40-8 Mar 7 1983 :: 2102 Klingon D-7 Class Battle Cruiser Deck Plans
0-425-06954-6 Mar 14 :: 2203 Trader Captains and Merchant Princes (First Edition)
0-425-06954-0 Jul :: 2002 The Klingons Box Set (First Edition)
0-425-06953-2 Jul :: 2205 Denial of Destiny
0-425-06671-1 July 1983 :: 2001 Star Trek The Role Playing Game (First Edition w/back of box is colored)
0-931787-12-2 Sept :: 2202 Witness for the Defense
0-425-06949-4 :: 2201 The Vanished
0-425-06952-4 :: 2204 Ship Construction Manual (First Edition)
XXXXXXXXXXXX :: 2003 Star Trek II Starship Combat Simulator
0-425-06955-9 :: 2302 Ship Recognition Manual: The Federation (First Edition)
0-425-06955-9 :: 2301 Ship Recognition Manual: The Klingon Empire (First Edition)
0-425-06959-1 :: 2801 Starship Combat Hex Grid
0-425-06974-3 :: 2802 Game Master's Screen

0-931787-04-1 Jan 1984(Jun 1985)(nov/dec84)  :: 2004 Star Trek, The Role Playing Game: Basic Game (Second Edition)
0-425-06672-X Jun :: Star Trek: RPG Basic Rule Book (First Edition)
0-425-06978-8 Jun :: 2006 Star Trek III Starship Combat Game
0-931787-19-X Jan :: 2209 Margin of Profit
0-931787-16-5 :: 2206 Termination: 1456
0-425-06968-0  2207 Demand of Honor
0-425-06954-0  2002 The Klingons
0-931787-19-X  2209 Margin of Profit
0-931787-18-1  2208 The Orion Ruse
0-931787-05-X  2205 The Romulans
0-425-06979-6  :: 2214 Star Trek III Sourcebook Update (older w/o red stripe)
0-931787-24-6  :: 2214 Star Trek III: Sourcebook Update  (w/red stripe)
XXXXXXXXXXXXX  :: 2208 Orion Ruse
XXXXXXXXXXXXX  :: 2005 The Romulans Box Set
0-425-06968-0  :: 2207 Demand of Honor
0-931787-83-1  :: 2803 Tricorder/Starship Sensors Interactive Display

0-931787-25-4 Jan :: 2215 The Triangle Campaign
0-931787-41-6 Jun :: 2301 Klingon Ship Recognition Manual (Second Edition)
0-931787-01-7 Aug :: 2001D Star Trek, The Role Playing Game: Deluxe Edition (Limited?)
0-425-06978-8 Aug :: 2006 Star Trek III Starship Combat Role Playing Game
0-931787-42-4 Oct :: 2302 Federation Ship Recognition Manual (Second Edition)
0-931787-21-1 Nov :: 2211 A Matter of Priorities
0-931787-14-9 Nov :: 2204 Ship Construction Manual (Second Edition)
0-931787-03-3 Dec(Mar15)(Feb86) :: 2216 Graduation Exercise
0-931787-43-2  :: 2303 Romulan Ship Recognition Manual
0-931787-20-3  :: 2210 The Outcasts
0-931787-76-9  :: 2217 Where Has All the Glory Gone?
0-931787-07-6  :: 2007 The Triangle

0-931787-22-4 Mar :: 2212 A Doomsday Like Any Other
0-931787-29-7 Apr(Jan30) :: 2219 Decision at Midnight
0-931787-23-8 Feb :: 2213 The Mines of Selka
0-931787-79-3 Feb 2218 Return to Axanar
0-931787-80-7 Feb 2218A The Four Years War
1-55560-002-6 Jun :: 2224 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Sourcebook Update
0-931787-05-X Sept :: 2005 The Romulans (re-release)
0-931787-48-3 Sept :: 2222 Conflict of Interest - Klingon Intelligence Briefing (2222A)
0-931787-30-0 Sept :: 2011 The Federation
0-931787-01-7  :: 2001 Star Trek, The Role Playing Game: Deluxe Game (Second Edition)

1-55560-009-3 Sept(Oct85) :: 2003 Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator
0-931787-47-5  :: 2221 Old Soldiers Never Die - The Romulan War (2221A)
0-931787-46-7  :: 2220 An Imbalance of Power
0-931787-78-5  :: 2218 Return to Axanar - The Four Years War (2218A)
1-55560-001-8  :: 2223 The Dixie Gambit
0-931787-22-4 / 0-931787-22-X :: 2212 A Doomsday Like Any Other

0-931787-08-4 spring96 :: 2008 The Orions

0-931787-13-0 Jan/Feb :: 2203 Trader Captains and Merchant Princes (Second Edition)
0-931787-02-5 Jun :: 2002 The Klingons (Second Edition)
0-931787-39-4 Jun :: 2014 Star Fleet Intelligence Manual
0-931787-43-2 Jun :: 2303 Romulan Ship Recognition Manual (re-release)
1-55560-003-4 Jan :: 2226 The Strider Incident - Regula 1 Deckplans (2226A)
1-55560-002-6  :: 2226 The Strider Incident - Regula 1 Deckplans (2226A) (same ISBN as ST4 Sourcebook)

0-931787-08-44  :: 2008 The Orions

1-55560-066-2 Mar/Apr :: 2225 The White Flame Starship Combat Scenario Pak
1-55560-079-4 Sept :: 2012 Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual

0-931787-38-6 Mar :: 2227 Star Trek: The Next Generation First Year Sourcebook



Misc Unknown ISBN's


0-930787-07-5 xxx :: 2007 The Triangle??


How to help:

Copyright: Books are typically printed in the previous quarter from when there released. Say if they where printed in the 4th quarter of the year, they are normally copyrighted with the following year date. So if a book is released in the 1st quarter the book may have been printed in the previous years 4th quarter. But this isn't always the case.

Publication Date: This date would only show when the book was released. But it doesn't necessarily mean the book was printed before another book that may have been released latter, but in most cases this is true.

ISBN: These numbers usually can show the overall printing order of the products, but due to delays the ISBN number may have been obtained prior to the book being complete. Most ISBN searches don't have all the books listed and tend to show either a false release date or the last release date. So there not so reliable.

FASA Price: The last segment of the ISBN has the price of the book such as FASA1000 for $10. If you examine the initial release price and compare it with a later printing you may find the FASA price has risen indicating a new printing of the book.

In Book Text: Some of the books have text indicating a following product will be released after another. This is helpful information.

Catalogs/Order Forms: These are of importance to tracking printing order as well. But become less important the further the years progress and don't always show when a book was re-released.

Reprinting: Some of the books where reprinted and re-released, sometimes with some errors corrected or text added, in a few cases this has happened such as with the Starship Combat Games like the STCS which seen atleast two different versions without any indication or warning on the books that they have been revised. Atleast one known section of the STCS had text removed in latter prints, presumably by mistake.

Mag Reviews: Usually there the same month as when the book was published, perhaps a month after.

FASA Printng Schedule: The Best source, but this probably isn't available.


Unpublished Material

Here's a list of material mentioned by FASA (or other), either in a Mail Order Form, A Catalog or in one of the rulebooks. Some of this material was scrapped, unfinished, abandoned or wasn't approved by Paramount. This list now also includes magazine articles that never seen print or public publication.

2003 Star Trek Starship Combat Game - This was listed with the old STIIISCRPG game description, but pictured as above. Remember that FASA didn't use the new FASA logo until sometime in the last quarter of 1985.  Listed on a FASA April 1985 order form with an ISBN# = to the current STSTCS. This looks like a fluke in their order form because fasa was still selling there STIIISCRPG game, and its not listed again until several order forms/catalogs later. Listed in the FASA Fall 1986 catalog with cover art and title on cover with an ISBN# 0-931787-06-8. This ISBN is just recycled from FASA product 2006 STIIISCG and STIIISCRPG and was later changed once FASA changed the title of the game too STSTCS.


2003 and 2003A Star Trek Starship Combat Game and Starship Combat Rulebook - FASA uses the same generic title for the STCS on all these forms, So this is the STCS game and its Rulebook sold separately since the time of the catalogs and forms where of 1987/1988/1989. Listed as Star Trek Combat Game on FASA order form March 1987. Listed as separate releases on FASA order form 8802 with prices effective January 1 1988. Also Listed as separate releases on FASA order form 8901 with prices effective January 1 1989. Just FAS2003 Star Trek Starship Combat Game was also listed on order form 8910. Again just FAS2003 Star Trek Starship Combat Game was also listed on the order form for 89-90 with an ISBN# = to the current STSTCS. Again this is the STCS.


2009 fasa2009unpublished.jpg (31435 bytes)Star Fleet Ground Forces Manual - A rules supplement provinding all the background information needed to generate ground-based military personnel and shipboard marines. A system for creating these character types is included for all major races, along with descriptions of their military organization and listings of the major pieces of equipment used. Players will also be able to add to the background of the STAR TREK universe using the complete and concise history of the ground forces of the UFP also provided in the manual. This book is a must for the well-rounded STAR TREK enthusiast. Listed on a FASA April 1985 order form with availability for Jun 1985. Listed in the FASA spring 1986 catalog and spring 1987 catalog, cover art was provided. Listed in order forms and flyers circa 1987 or 1988 simply titled as 'Ground Forces Manual.' as "upcoming" (with no FASA#). Mentioned in the G.M. V1N9 magazine May 1989 as 'Star Fleet Ground Forces Manual' Listed as "Watch out for...look out for..." Listed in Space Gamer / Fantasy Gamer #84 Dec 1988 as "scheduled to be released soon" with a title of 'Star Trek Ground Forces Manual.' Listed on the FASA 1989-90 order form as 'Star Fleet Ground Forces Manual' ISBN: 0-931787-09-2  Copyright: 10-01-1989


2010 fasa2010unpublished.jpg (34173 bytes)Operation Armageddon 1: The Klingon Theater - (Wargame Simulator) Operation Armageddon is the name of Star Fleet Command's Staff College wargame exercise, which all officers must take prior to graduation. This game has finally been declassified. This is more than just a game, it was several games in one. The first operation is titled The Klingons Cross The Line, and deals with an invasion of Federation space by the Klingon Empire. The second operation, titled Road to the Stars, deals with a Romulan incursion into Federation space. The third operation, titled The Enemies Entangled, deals with an outbreak of war between the Romulans and Klingons. In all three games, players assume command of one of the major powers and attempt to fill the victory conditions for each scenario. Of course, for those who wish to tackle the big one, there is Operation Armageddon, in which all the powers go to war with each other at once. Too be included in the game was an easy-to-read rulebook, over 2,000 playing pieces, dice, and maps of the entire Star Trek universe, measuring 78" x 66". That's over 35 square feet of playing area-- truly a monster game. 'Supposedly designed by Bob Marinan.' Listed on a FASA March 1985 order form as "2008 Operation Armageddon: Federation and Klingons" with availability for 1st quarter of 1985. Listed on a FASA April 1985 order form with availability for Aug 1985. May have been listed in the circa Fall 1986 catalog. Listed as "Operation Armageddon" in the spring 1987 catalog with cover art and title on cover. Was due out summer of '87 ISBN: 0-931787-10-6


2015 fasa2015unpublished.jpg (30319 bytes)Struggle For The Throne - The Klingon Emperor is dying and the Struggle For The Throne has already begun between the powerful Thought-Admirals. Each Admiral uses bribery, assassination, spies, threats, space battles, and even deals to gain power while the Emperor still lives. Klingon diplomacy is intense, for when the Emperor is no longer around, it will be open war among the Admirals vying for the throne.
In this easy-to-play game from FASA, each player assumes the head of one of the Klingon Empire's powerful families trying to take the throne. To win, players must interact with other players, making deals, bribing other players, and attempting to influence the Emperor. The game includes the rulebook, playing cards, playing pieces, a colorful map, and dice. For 2 to 6 devious players. Listed in the FASA spring 1987 catalog. Was due out summer of '87 This title ultimately was used on Fasa's micro-game of the same title.(unrelated to the RPG) ISBN: 0-931787-45-9


2016 Star Fleet Marines - "The Star Trek Boardgame Of Ground Combat" This is a boardgame of tactical ground combat set in the Star Trek universe. Players simulate battles between the Marines of Star Fleet and the Klingon Imperial Marines. Each game contains basic and optional rules, full-color mapsheets, and playing pieces representing the various units of the opposing forces, including tanks and armored personnel carriers. This platoon/company level tactical game is a must for the burgeoning generals of Star Fleet or the Klingon Empire. Listed in the FASA Fall 1986 catalog with cover art and title on cover. Listed in the FASA Spring 1987 catalog. ISBN: 1-55560-010-7


2103 USS Reliant 7.5mm Deck Plans- These deck plans show every interior detail of the USS Reliant, the ship featured in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. All plans are drawn at a scale of 1 inch = 6 meters. Full space station plan descriptions and explanations are also included. Listed in FASA's  Catalog 2 - 1983. With a availability date of September 1983.


2103 ST:TNG USS Enterprise Blueprints -  Official blueprints of the Starship Enterprise from the hit television show STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. These blueprints show every deck of the Enterprise from stem to stern. Including: The Bridge, The Captains Quarters, The Holodeck, The Transporter Rooms, Engineering, The Shuttlecraft Bay, The Conference Room, Sickbay.  These plans where actually completed by Ed Whitefire back in approximately 1989 ("took 2 1/2years before they ready to be inked") but FASA never got around to printing them before they lost there licenses. (Enterprise D Plans By Ed Whitefire)/(2005 Interview) (panovoyant: Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D) Listed on FASA Mail Order Form (8910) with prices effective October 1, 1989 and in the FASA 1989-1990 catalog. Listed in Space Gamer / Fantasy Gamer #88 March/April 1990 as "soon to be released" titled: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Galaxy Class Blueprints. Also information I found on the web about canceled books indicates a title of: USS ENTERPRISE BLUEPRINTS with an ISBN: 1-555601-14-6 

The Story of the Original Enterprise-D Blueprints - as told by Phil Broad of The Vault.
The Original Enterprise D Plans By Ed Whitefire
The ship was designed by Andy Probert who would also work with Ed Whitefire on the original set of interior plans for the "D", which are presented for the first time (2005) anywhere.

Phil Broad: "It was sometime during the first season of Next Generation's run on on TV that I mentioned in passing to Ed that "someone" should see about doing plans of the new Enterprise, like the old Franz Joseph deck plans of the ship from the original series. Ed replied "that gives me an idea" and the rest is history."

Ed contacted Paramount Studios and eventually came in contact with Star Trek Art Department staff member Andrew Probert who listened to his idea. Andrew thought it was good and they agreed that Ed should do the "official" plans for eventual publication. It would be up to Ed to not only create the drawings but to find a publisher as well. This would prove to be no small task, the drawings would take two 1/2 years of effort to design and draw and the search for publishers was not easy either. In the end the gaming publisher "FASA" was given the contract to publish and distribute the plans under their existing license with Paramount for Star Trek related products.

As Ed got going on the project some of his original pencil layouts would be displayed at the last "Equicon" science fiction convention held in Los Angeles and interest from the fans seemed reasonably high. After two years of effort and uncounted trips to the studio to confer with Andrew Probert, Rick Sternbach and Mike Okuda, the plans were finally ready for publishing. Ed had them duly copyrighted and all seemed well.

It was at this point that fate intervened when it was learned that FASA had let their license with Paramount expire and they could no longer publish the plans. Ed began to cast about for a new publishing house and it was during this process that he learned that Rick Sternbach had agreed to the Pocket Book offer to produce plans of the ship. Ed now had to watch as all his work was cast aside so someone else could publish the "official" plans. There proved to be little that Ed could do to stop the other project as by this time his friend Andrew Probert had left the Star Trek Art Department.

The new plans seemed to borrow heavily from Ed's work yet did not incorporate many of the design features that the ship's original designer Andrew Probert had intended. Only Ed's drawings do that.

Now, after more than ten years, Ed has agreed to make his plans available for free via the "Vault". For the first time this gives fans a chance to see the "Enterprise D" as it's original designer intended. The copies posted do not do justice to the level of detail found in his full size originals but they are generously provided by him to you, free of charge here on the internet.

Original Plans Available Here:

For those of you who would like to obtain printed copies of his full size sheets, Ed has also agreed to sell custom drawing tubes which will feature a free full size copy of his plans. These plans consist of 13 sheets, 22x34 inches in size. The purchase price of Ed's drawing tubes will be $35 including shipping and handling and may be ordered by contacting Ed Whitefire at this e-mail address. Ed is still accepting checks and money orders for these drawing tubes. (As of December 17, 2010 Ed said he's back online and selling these prints.)


2104 "Space Lab Regula One 7.5mm Deckplans" - The plans of the Star Trek II space station. These where actually made and released but they are provided as the second book of FASA product #2226 Listed in ?


2211 Military Forces Manual - Most likely this title was dropped for the Star Fleet Ground Forces title show above. Listed on a FASA July 1984 order form with prices effective for July 1 1984.


2224 Scavenger's Run - Listed on a FASA April 1985 order form with availability for Jul 1985. ISBN: 1-55560-002-06 See 2227 Below.


2225 Parish by the Sword/Galaxy Exploration Command - 2 book set. (adventure/sourcebook combo) Listed in the FASA spring 1987 catalog with a release date of February. ISBN:1-55560-007-7


2227 Scavenger's Run / Existance Zone - 2 book set.(adventure/sourcebook combo) Listed in the FASA spring 1987 catalog with a release date of March. ISBN:1-55560-004-2


2228 Hostile Bivouac / Civilians - 2 book set. (adventure/sourcebook combo) Listed in the FASA spring 1987 catalog with a release date of April. ISBN:1-55560-023-9


2228 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - It was the mission of the USS Enterprise to go where no man had gone before. Star Trek: The Final Frontier takes the reader there too! It is filled with information from all five motion pictures. This is a complete sourcebook for all enthusiasts, fans, and players of the popular role playing game. Listed on a 1990 Mail Order Form and Listed in the FASA spring 1991 catalog. Listed in Space Gamer / Fantasy Gamer #88 March/April 1990 as "soon to be released" titled: Star Trek Final Frontier - Sourcebook. Also information I found on the web about canceled books indicates a title of: STAR TREK: THE FINAL FRONTIER with an ISBN: 1-555600-23-9  Its rumored that this book was one of the final 3 products finished and sent to Paramount.


2229 Operation Buchman/Adventure - 2 book set. Listed in the FASA spring 1987 catalog. ISBN:1-55560-005-0


2229 Star Trek: The Next Generation - 2nd and 3rd Year Sourcebook - no description given. Listed in ? Also information I found on the web about canceled books indicates a title of: STAR TREK: 2ND 3RD YEAR SOURCEBOOK with an ISBN: 1-555600-25-5  Its rumored that this book was one of the final 3 products finished and sent to Paramount. Listed as general terms in Space Gamer / Fantasy Gamer #84 Dec 1988 as "be on the lookout for more The Next Generation products"


2304 Ship Recognition Manual - The Romulan Confederation (First Edition) - This 32-page, full-color supplement contains the game stats, combat charts, and scale drawings for fourteen different Romulan ships. It features a wide variety of ship designs, each fully described and beautifully illustrated.  Listed in FASA's  Catalog 2 - 1983. This manual was released in a 2nd Edition format just as "The Romulans", FASA product #2303


2304 Ship Recognition Manual - The Gorn and Minor Races -  Now all the major Gorn ships are presented to the public. This edition contains all currently available information on the Gorn Navy and includes ships from the Orion Colonies, independent manufactures in the Triangle, and other minor races on the fringes of the Federation. Listed in a FASA March 1985 Orderform with availability 1st quarter of '85. Listed in the FASA 1985 catalog and spring 1985 catalog. ISBN# 0-931787-44-0  Also information I found on the web about canceled books indicates a title of: GORN:SHIP RECOGNITION MANUAL with an ISBN: 0-809200-43-3


------- Ship Recognition Manuals: Listed as "planned," 'Four New Ship Recognition Manuals' in Space Gamer #73 March/April 1985


2304 Ship Recognition Manual: Gorn - Listed as "upcoming" in FASA order forms and flyers circa 1987 or 1988; Listed on FASA Mail Order Form (8802) with prices effective January 1, 1988.  Availability was June/July

2305 Ship Recognition Manual: Orion - Listed as "upcoming" in FASA order forms and flyers circa 1987 or 1988. Listed on FASA Mail Order Form (8802) with prices effective January 1, 1988. Availability was 3rd quarter.

2306 Ship Recognition Manual: Yachts - Listed as "upcoming" in FASA order forms and flyers circa 1987 or 1988. Listed on FASA Mail Order Form (8802) with prices effective January 1, 1988. Availability was Mar/Apr Also information I found on the web about canceled books indicates a title of: YACHTS: SHIP RECOGNITION MANUAL with an ISBN: 0-809200-64-6


------- A Chance For Peace - A complete adventure - At long last, the Gorn have agreed (reluctantly) to sit down at the conference tables with Federation diplomats to discuss a lasting peace. The Klingon Empire, uneasy with the possibility of Gorn/Federation cooperation, will attempt to sabotage the negotiations at any cost. Listed as "New Adventures coming this year" in FASA's Catalog 1 - 1983; Listed as "Coming Attractions" in FASA's Catalog 2 - 1983 The title may have been changed to the released adventure; Demand Of Honor.


------- Forward Into The Past - A complete adventure - A culture that is an analog model of Earth's own Medieval period is discovered, and unique landing party is dispatched to mingle with the native culture and study it for a report to the Federation. The survey team is composed of medievalists enthusiasts from the investigating starship's crew, who have made a hobby of  studying and recreating Earth's medieval culture. But how will they handle real dragons, and what appears to be real magic, as they travel through this epic Quest. Listed as "New Adventures coming this year" in FASA's Catalog 1 - 1983;  Listed as "Coming Attractions" in FASA's Catalog 2 - 1983


------- Spores Of Hatred - A complete adventure - The society of Ekos is being reshaped into a humane, productive civilization by the new government (once the underground), but there still a hard-core Nazi underground with a hidden nuclear device that only the Federation can find. Listed as "New Adventures coming this year" in FASA's Catalog 1 - 1983; Listed as "Coming Attractions" in FASA's Catalog 2 - 1983


------- Enemy Contact: Bridge Alert - (never made)  This may have been the "Command and Control" Rules intended to be made as a separate product, or perhaps as a slightly different spin on said rules. Here's the lengthy description:
This role-play supplement was designed to accompany these rules, giving a full system for role-playing starship combat. It takes a completely different approach to starship combat than the Starship Combat Game(STIII) described above. Like other role-playing situations, this system does not use counters, mapboard, or panels; instead, it helps the gamemaster describe the starship combat, concentrating on the characters' skills and telling a story.
  In this system, the player characters behave as they did in the TV show. They maneuver the ship, arm and fire the weapons, raise and lower the shields, use sensors and communications, and react just as they would do on the bridge of the Enterprise. They choose the maneuvers that will allow the to close with the enemy or hold him at bay, evade his fire, or even flank him. They decide how to power the ship, and they choose the weapons to arm and fire, the shields to power, and the sensors information they want to get from the enemy. To help them, the players have simulated computer displays giving starship data, and graphic representations of the sensors displays that show the relative positions of each ship.
  The game system helps the gamemaster judge the effects of the players' maneuver choices, and it gives a detailed system for determining weapon hits, damage location, and damage effects. The gamemaster then presents these effects to the players as though they were sensors data. Full information is provided on how the various bridge officers use their skills, with the effects of each Skill Roll detailed.
  This supplement allows starship combat to be played like the other parts of a role-play session - with words. The action takes place in the players' imaginations. Its' main advantages are that it is very quick to learn, and it does not take long to play. Like all role-play combat, the action can be fast and furious, the excitement great. Mentioned in the Second Edition Rule Book - Game Operations Manual pg41, Fasa product #2001


---- Starship Combat Book - (never made) One can only assume it was to be some sort of supplement to the STCS since the time of the article was around May of 1989. This was listed in the magazine; G.M. V1N9 May 1989 issue labeled as "Watch out for...look out for..."


2535 USS Enterprise (Galaxy Class) - A miniature. RAFM actually made the Enterprise-D which separated! and it was sent to Paramount, But never made it to full production.


2536 Ferengi Cruiser - A miniature. RAFM actually made the Ferengi Marauder and it was sent to Paramount. But never made it to full production.

3005 Enterprise and Crew Final Voyage - Box Set; This was listed on a July 1 1984 order form and on a March 1985 mail order form.

3006 Klingon Bird Of Prey and Crew - Box Set; This was listed on a July 1 1984 order form and on a March 1985 mail order form.

About more Miniatures - On the Catalogs and Mail Order Forms I have there seems to be a bunch of miniatures that never where made listed. I haven't bothered to look into it. FASA/RAFM where working out scaling issues with the Romulan Warbird, its unknown if it was ever completed.


Captain's Log - A monthly Star Trek Gaming Magazine, the title at release was changed to Stardate Magazine.


Stardate Manuscript "The Wanderers" (unpublished) - FASA ST adventure called "The Wanderers". An adventure that was intended for publishing in Stardate Magazine - not a bonafide FASA corp adventure. Signed by the author; Dale L. Kemper. (The author has made this manuscript available in the summer of 2005, it sold on ebay.)


Space Gamer / Fantasy Gamer #89 - Mentioned in Space Gamer #88 March/April 1990 that "Star Trek RPG" is coming next issue. I don't think this issue was ever printed.


Project notes that never saw print - On an old web site of Guy W. McLimore he announced that ".... in the future will appear some of our notes for projects that never saw print, including the Star Trek adventures produced by Guy and Greg as RPGA tournaments." - Guy W. McLimore. The author is now looking for these articles.


Thorns of a Silicon Rose - by Michael Todd. It was made for the FASA Star Trek game and was to be included in the Challenge #78 magazine, but that issue(#78) was never published. The author is now looking for this article. He can only assume its packed away in storage. If he runs across the actual manuscript he'll let us know. Heres his description:
It used the TNG continuity and featured the Enterprise with a few crew members such as Worf and Riker being mentioned by name. The Enterprise picked up a scientist from one of the deep space stations, DS7 if memory serves, to deliver her from the planet she had been doing research on to a starfleet science vessel. This scientist had discovered on this outer rim planet a silicon-based lifeform, simplistic, unitelligent, it could communicate in rudimentary terms via emitted light with other members of its spieces that it existed in a colony-like relationship with. Well, the sample of this lifeform escapes its container and finds it way into the Enterprise's computer system where it begins to replicate. The organism while not intelligent by itself, when working in series with millions of others like itself it formed a group consciousness that was sentient. The problem was this scientist couldn't see the bigger picture, since this colony organism covered most of the surface of this planet, she could only see only small part of it.
While the organism spreads through the system various malfunctions occur. I think I had a list (or maybe a table) or possible malfunctions. I do remember something involving the holodeck going haywire and a roboting maintenance arm going crazy in the hydroponic gardens. So eventually the cause of the problem is found and it is discovered that this lifeform is sentient and first contact has to be made then and there in order to coax the organism out of the enterprise's systems so it could be returned to its homeworld.
Meanwhile, in keeping with TNG's typical dual plotline structure, the scientist would be renewing a romantic relationship with one of the pcs while all this is going on. I can't remember what the backstory was on this, if there was much of one. The rather silly title of the adventure refers to this romance and the fact that the silicon lifeform vaguely resembled a crystalline flower.


Far & Away Magazine #3 (unpublished) -  unknown FASA article(s). Number Three was finished & with Pacific Rim but it never came out. I still have a copy of it, though..." -Dale Kemper


Rumored Completed Manuals: There was rumored back in 1990-91 that FASA actually finished 3 or 4 products and sent them to Paramount for approval. 2103 ST:TNG USS Enterprise Blueprints, 2228 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, 2229 Star Trek: The Next Generation - 2nd and 3rd Year Sourcebook, and the fourth manual is unknown, there may have been only the three.


Its also said that FASA had more miniatures for RAFM to do. Paramount had gotten the Enterprise-D -- which separated! -- and the Ferengi Marauder, and they were working out the (scaling issues) of the Romulan Warbird when the license got pulled.


About manuscripts and FASA Trek material: Apparently the mechanics of the FASA star trek game where sold to an individual that was apparently going to re-release star trek as a different game theme, its been atleast a decade since this was first brought to light, with no new game. Apparently he poses the unfinished works of the FASA star trek team, but the extent of what the FASA Star Trek team has completed is unknown. Heres some info from and about Eric Smith:

-Eric Smith, Marketing Director for FASA Corporation  4-11-2001 "I have obtained from FASA Corp. the license to the Game Mechanics for the old ST: Tactical game and the entire line of products associated with ST including the RPG. While I cannot use the Star Trek name as that and the information contained in are the property of Paramount. The Game Mechanics are the property of FASA Corp. I plan to relaunch the system in a space based universe and look forward to doing so in the next year or so." 

-FASA Marketing Director Joins Lone Wolf Development  3-28-2001
March 27, 2001 - Lone Wolf Development announces today that Eric J. Smith joins the company as Director of Sales and Marketing. Eric has served as Marketing Director for FASA Corporation over the past year and previously ran Ariston Productions, a marketing, convention, and consulting service to the gaming industry for more than a decade. President Rob Bowes said, "Eric brings a wealth of industry and business experience that will be pivotal to the continued success of Army Builder and our introduction of new products in the months to come." Eric is currently managing the closing of operations at FASA Corporation and will be working in a part-time capacity for Lone Wolf Development while that effort completes. Eric will take over day-to-day duties as Director of Sales and Marketing in April.

-Eric J. Smith no longer at Lone Wolf Development  1-30-2009
Lone Wolf says: We've not been in communication with Eric Smith for multiple years.


(If you can add details to any of the above information, please contact me.)