Stardate: 8052.9, Taal Tan System: 3.31 E, 8.59 S, 04:47 FST



IKV Dagger

          Captain Mrisk sutai Semparri gripped his command chair tightly as the Dagger slowly fell toward the asteroid they were using as cover. The helmsman kept the Dagger just a bare 10 meters from the surface of the asteroid as it traveled in system. Twice now the tumbling rock had nearly hit the cloaked battlecruiser. But the erratic chunk of space debris was all that hid the ion trail of the approaching Klingon cruiser. And only this close did they have a chance of getting near the space station.

          “Good work, just a bit farther…” Mrisk could feel the tension on the bridge. Every officer was nervous. Crushed by an asteroid was no way to gain honor. “…almost there.”

          “Surely we’re close enough, my lord!” The second officer had asked the same question for nearly 10 minutes now. Mrisk finally had enough. Without a word, he pulled his disruptor and killed the man who disintegrated with a nearly inaudible squeak. No one else on the bridge even seemed to care.

          “Almost there…” The Dagger continued to close. The crew continued to sweat. Minutes rolled by.

          Mrisk watched the range decrease, watched the Federation ship near the station, and watched his helmsman’s nervous hands. If they survived, he would promote the young man. If they survived.

          Finally, Mrisk nodded. They’d done it. “Battle speed…close with the station! Stand by to transfer power from the cloak!” The image on the view screen shifted as the cloaked ship surged around the asteroid. In less than 10 seconds, they’d close the distance.

          But the Federation ships raised their shields in less than five seconds. Mrisk knew they couldn’t be pinpointed, but they had been detected. “Almost there…” he growled as the Dagger speed to its fate.


Lay out two Star Trek Combat Simulator map-sheet in the configuration shown. This represents the area of space where the conflict takes place. Use the Graduate Starship Tactics Course rules in this scenario.

The Defending force consists of:
          1 R-1 Artisan Type 2 Orbital Manufacturing Center (Excavator 1)
          1 Enterprise Mk I Heavy Cruiser (USS Lexington)

On Phase 2 of turn 6 the Defender receives the following reenforcements:
          4 Epsilon Mk I Cutter (USS Kynos, USS Lindos, USS Pasha, USS Tiflis)
          1 Fenlon MK IV Monitor (USS S'tekel)

The Defending force deploys in orbit around the moon as shown. Reenforcements enter from the right side of the map..

The Attacking force consists of:
          1 D-30c Destroyer (IKV Dagger)

The attacking force enter from the left edge if the map. The attacking force may enter cloaked.

Victory Conditions
The attacking force wins a major victory if they can cause 10 points of superstructure damage to the R-1 station. The attacking force wins a minor victory if they prevent any damage to the station.


The attacking force may warp out of the system at any time. Campaign warp escape rules apply. The Lexington can NOT persue the Klingon vessel if it warps out.

The scenario ends with escape or destruction of the attacking force.