Stardate: 8046.1, Klingon Neutral Zone: 2.46 E, 7.91 S, 20:47 FST


IKV Decimation
          “There are three destroyers in orbit around the inner planet. Once we leave orbit, they will take several minutes to get here. We should have enough time to attack the incoming convoy before they arrive. The remaining Federation ships are not within scanning distance. “ The science officer looked confident. Admiral Krelk decided to make him less confident.

          “How long would it take for Federation re-enforcements to reach us if they were just at the edge of sensor range?” Krelk smiled at the sudden nervous look on the science officer face. The officer looked quickly at his controls, making rapid calculations. Yet it was the navigator who spoke first.

          “My lord, the Federation convoy is nearly within full sensor range. The gas giant will not hide us much longer.” Krelk’s eyes narrowed as the science officers eyes grew large. It was a report that he should have come from him, not the navigator.

          “Proceed with the attack,” the Admiral ordered, never once taking his eyes off the science officer. “Make sure I have plenty of warning about those Federation re-enforcements. I’d hate to have to kill you before your first battle is over.”

          The science officer swallowed hard and tried to watch several sensor screens at once. He knew the Admiral was as good as his word. He could hear several bridge officers chuckle as the ship surged toward the convoy.


Lay out three Star Trek Combat Simulator map-sheet in the configuration shown. This represents the area of space where the conflict takes place. Use the Graduate Starship Tactics Course rules in this scenario.

The Defending force consists of:
          1 Brownwood Mk I Assault Transport Tug (USS Landek)
          1 Aakeen Mk IV Freighter (USS Weinerman)
          1 Mokal Mk II Transport (USS André)
          1 Overfield Mk I Freighter (USS Upstart)
          1 Monarch Mk XXVI Deep Space Freighter (USS Great Escape)
          2 Griffon Mk I Escort (USS Deede, USS Zeffiro)

On Phase 1 or Turn 3 the defender recieves the following reenforcements:
          3 Bearclaw Mk I Cutter (USS Arctodus, USS Euryspilus, USS Ussuricus)
          1 Frankfort Mk I Destroyer (USS Karlshalen)
          1 Jenghiz Mk I Destroyer (USS Ahriman)
          1 Wilkerson Mk II Destroyer (USS Hollister)

On Phase 1 or Turn 5 the defender recieves the following reenforcements:
          1 Ascension Mk I Dreadnought (USS Sussex)

On Phase 1 or Turn 10 the defender recieves the following reenforcements:
          3 Endeavour Mk II Heavy Cruiser (USS Lafayette, USS Tori, USS Wasp)

The Defending force deploys in the center of Map 1. Re-enforcements on Turn 3 and Turn 5 enter from the bottom of map 2. Reenforcements on Turn 10 enter from the top of Map 3.

The Attacking force consists of:
          1 L-7a Dreadnought (IKV Decimation)
          2 D-7s Battlecruiser (IKV Blade's Sting, IKV Steelhammer)
          1 D-2b Torpedo Destroyer (IKV Impulsiveness)
          1 D-13a Destroyer (IKV Nightmare)
          2 D-15a Destroyer (IKV Storm Chieftain, IKV War Champion)
          1 D-19b Light Cruiser (IKV Gallant Strike)

The attacking force enter from the left edge if the map. The attacking for may enter cloaked.

Victory Conditions
The attacking force wins a major victory if they destroy 2 or more freighters or 4 cargo containers. They win a minor vistory if they force the freighters to warp from the field of battle.


Cargo Pods:
The Landek loaded with 6 Dry Bulk containers. Destruction of the Landek transport does not count as the the loss of a cargo pod for victory conditions.

If the attacking force can meet its objectives, they may attempt to warp out of the combat area. Campaign warp escape rules apply.

The scenario ends when one side or the other withdraws from the field of battle..