Stardate: 8047.1, Klingon Neutral Zone: 3.45 E, 7.84 S, 22:53 FST


IKV Claw of the Vicious

         Captain Wegtor sutai Kommora watched the gas giant fill the view screen. Timing was everything. “Tactical!” he growled in battle language. The screen shifted to show a top down view of the system. His wing continued on their course using the gas giant as cover. The estimated sensor shadow was shrinking rapidly. The rest of the attack wing was lined up behind the Vicious. “Open a channel,” he ordered.

         The other wing commanders appeared on the screen. “I still think there are cruisers in this system!” grumbled Klelsk of the Vanquisher. “Then pray we can take out this listening post before they close with us. I’d rather die fighting them than die trying to bomb a few sensor pods!”

          “As would I,” said Klelsk. “SUCCESS!” he saluted.

          Wegtor returned the salute and closed the channel. The Vicious surged around the gas giant and began rapidly closing with the next planet in the system.

         “COMMANDER! Two Federation destroyer are orbiting the fourth planet. They’re changing course!”

         But Wegtor knew he was committed. “Hmm…success indeed,” he mumbled thoughtfully as his ship surged toward a painful encounter. Wegtor smiled. It would be a noble death.


Lay out one Star Trek Combat Simulator map-sheet in the configuration shown. Place a large moon counter as shown. This represents the area of space where the conflict takes place. Use the Graduate Starship Tactics Course rules in this scenario.

The Defending force consists of:
          1 Hellion Mk II Heavy Destroyer (USS Gordan)
          1 Pense Mk III Long Range Destroyer (USS Kobun)

The Defending force deploys along the right edge of the map.

The Attacking force consists of:
          1 L-20a Fast Battleship (IKV Vanquisher)
          1 D-10h Heavy Cruiser (IKV Claw of the Vicious)
          1 D-7o Battlecruiser (IKV Outrage)
          1 D-6g Battlecruiser (IKV Sorrowmaker)
          1 D-5e Cruiser (IKV Rebuker)
          1 D-5f Cruiser (IKV Ragemaker)

The attacking force enter from the left edge if the map.

Victory Conditions
The attacking force wins a major victory if they destroy both Federation vessels. They win a minor victor by destroying the Kobun. The attacker suffers a defeat if they loose three or more warships.


Listening Equipment :
On each hex side of the moon's surface is a monitoring system (total of 6). Each monitor has 5 superstructure points. If any remains intact, the Defending force gains a +2/20% to all sensor lock rolls.

The defending force may attempt to escape by warping out of the system. Campaign warp escape rules apply.

The scenario ends on turn 12 due to massive Federation re-enforcements.