Stardate: 8052.1, Klingon Neutral Zone: 3.86 E, 8.52 S, 15:29 FST


USS Lafayette

          “We’re only about 5 minutes ahead of them. And if we don’t slow down soon, all three transports are going to have engine damage.” Captain Hill of the Arc de Titus still had an air of confidence that could be seen even over the view screen. “We got enough firepower to drive them off, but we’re gona be hard pressed to protect the freighters.”

         Captain Sanger of the Lafayette nodded mildly. “Well, it’ll be at least 5 minutes until we get to you. What’s your plan?” Sanger was obviously more worried for his friend Hill was worried for himself.

          “I think if we drop out of warp now, we’ll catch them by surprise. You can get here quicker, and the transports will have a few moments to reenergize their warp coils. All we gota do hold them off for a few minutes and the freighters will be able to jump back to warp. In 10 minutes, they’ll be in-system and close enough to the base that the Klingons won’t bother them.” Hill had a slight smile on his face.

          “We’ll be there as quick as we can. Good luck. Lafayette out.” Sanger closed the channel. Hill was talking about minutes in a world where seconds meant life or death in the coldness of space.

         “I can give us a bit more speed,” reported the Lafayette’s chief engineer.

         “Please do, Mr. Ziel. Please do.” Minutes and seconds, though Sanger. Minutes and seconds.


Lay out three Star Trek Combat Simulator map-sheet in the configuration shown. This represents the area of space where the conflict takes place. Use the Graduate Starship Tactics Course rules in this scenario.

The Defending force consists of:
          3 Mo'Kal Mk II Transports (Ekateriny, Francen, Savitri)
          1 Maguellanes Mk I Escort Cruiser (USS Ogan)
          1 Arc De Triumph Mk I Fire Support Cruiser (USS Arc de Titus)
          2 Remora Mk II Escort (USS Freesia, USS Lloyd)

On phase 1 of turn 5, the defending force receives the following reenforcements:
          1 Endeavour Mk II Heavy Cruiser (USS Lafayette)

The Defending force deploys along the right edge of Map 1. Reenforcements enter from the left edge of Map 1.

The Attacking force consists of:
          3 D-7m Battlecruiser (IKV Executer, IKV Impaler, IKV Immortal)
          2 D-15a Destroyer (IKV Battle Chieftain, IKV Storm Champion)
          2 D-6f Battlecruiser (IKV Hurricane, IKV Tempest)
          2 L-5c Frigate (IKV Audacity, IKV Ferocity)

The attacking force enter from the left edge of Map 1.

Victory Conditions
The attacking force wins a major victory if they destroy 4 or more cargo containers. The attacking force wins a minor victory if they are able to destroy any Federation vessels. The Defender wins a victory if they are able to destroy 2 or more Klingon vessels.


Cargo Pods:
All three Mo'kal transports are loaded with 2 Dry Bulk containers each. Destruction of a Mo'Kal transport does not count as the the loss of a cargo pod for victory conditions.

The defender escapes by moving off the right edge of Map 3. The attacking force may warp out along any other edge of the map. Campaign warp escape rules apply.

The scenario ends when all defending cargo vessels either escape or are destroyed.